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As the tittle says, i know that BA likes to stick with his original 17 but surley this time he needs include both or 1 of theses players in his final 17 against manly. Is BA set on 4 fowards of the bench or willy go with a dummyhalf/utility player and 3 fowards from time to time, i certainy am a fan of 3 fowards and smith

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When we lost the semi final to the cowboys we were all adamant that he uses 4 fowards... how can we change after one game come on... I agree smith deserves his shot but if anything he should replace kiri on the wing and go from there depending on his form
I think it's because we weren't expecting king to be slightly unfit to start the season. We don't all go to watch them at training and didn't realise he was struggling fitness wise. So unfortunately for he entire offseason we were wrong with our mock line ups and amateur reasoning for four forwards on the bench.
I get that, but then that’s going backwards really, King has been given the chance, and should have done the extras in his own time to make sure he is fit for the job he has been given, I’m sure Cameron smith would of done that as a rookie when given a chance... just saying
You are not wrong. But at the end of the day king ran out of puff (much like the rest of the team) and well this is nerdy team forum so we all come on here and pretend we know what we are talking about. And this week's common theme is why we need a replacement hooker.

BA saw how King was blowing hard in the second half and he knows King needs a rest at some stage. I reckon we will see at least one of these players on the bench.

I would say the same even if we won.
Ladt year when Smith came of the bench our intensity lifted he was a little fire cracker, infact he was so good of the bench BA could not leave him out of the side, it was his form of the bench wich got him in the team.
We did miss this last week and the aggression of Edwards of the bench.
Our Bech was horrible last week. The teams with a good bench won last week ( just sayin).
Tried to tell ppl about Smith in my last blog
Or the one before
Got told that we were all lucky that i wasnt picking the team
Now ppl are realising i was right

Ummm WHO told everyone about smith when ????

I loved him before you Carlo 

Permalink Reply by Wizards" Supermax” Sleeve on September 11, 2017 at 7:48pm
If Moses wasn't in our halves we'd be on our Mad Monday , if Norman wasn't in our halves we'd be exactly where we are right now . Moses is making Norman look half acceptable .

Unfortunately we are stuck with Norman , but next year in a perfect world where you could find someone to take Norman's contract I reckon wed be best off with something like

1 Guth / French
6 W Smith / Guth
7 Moses
9 King
14 W Smith / Pritchard ( if we must )

( Guth or French to Centre / Wing respectively)

Use Norman's money for a rep quality forward , Boom the perfect team

Honestly Norman would be struggling to make my team barring injury .

As usual Crypto you have confused everything with your upside down thinking.

We have all known about Smith, its not like he just arrived.....shite his mother is our leading female poster girl.

People will never realise your right, the only thing you can be sure of is your mostly never understanding the point someone else is making.....i.e. this one.

I think we could do a lot worse by giving Smith Avuva's wing spot. He will be safer under the high ball and more positioned in defence.

Smith is not our saviour and neither is Edwards, but I would be more comfortable with Edwards on the bench than Taka......my comfort is not in question and BA as stubborn as he is, is not someone for us to argue with, just ask the question.

Carlo make sure you watch this.....your boys will be going through this shortly and probably a few of the older one's as well...........no not that old!


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