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I'm just going to assume that we have around 1.5 million in the cap for 2018. What do we do with it?


I reckon we upgrade Nathan Brown until 2020 on 600k. At the moment he is under 200k and he will be in demand for next season. Cameron King is another key player we need to re-sign. He has been playing well enough to get an extension, and possibly have him start with Kaysa come off the bench. Willis Meehan, Marata Niukore, Kirisome Auva'a, Honeti Tuha, George Jennings and David Gower are also players that should be re-signed by the club. Gutherson could also do with an upgrade. Semi Radradra also needs to be brought back from France around round 10

Players to Sign

A decent prop is probably the most required signing, but there is no great options out on the market. Kevin Naiqama is not wanted by the Tigers and could be injury cover. Hooker is also a position we might be interested in but the best out there is Michael Lichaa or Dylan Plythian 

Any other ideas?

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Just think if a BA puts him as a prop and keep him playing tight up the middle, keeping it simple,
his size and strength is second to none. Dave Taylor knows this is his last role of the dice. Definitely a replacement for either Mannah or Frank Pritchard if either of them retire.

lol Taylor in the middle???? Bahahahahahaha!!!!  He's one of the laziest players to ever pull on a boot.  Why would  you work hard up the middle when you can bludge on an edge running at wingers.  Taylor is the total opposite of the type of player that BA's likes i would be shocked if we were even thinking about a lazy lump like him.

he is rubbish ....burty and Zip....give yourselves an uppercut and off to Bunnings.

Agree with most, brown is easily a 500K player and in 2 or so years may be an 800K player so I'd upgrade now before competition pushes his price up further

Agree with players to re-sign, all may not be regular first graders but when injury hits I believe all mentioned can hold their own in first grade.
Maybe 2 more props, one established one up and comer that's low risk.

I think I've just agreed with everything, great blog.

We do need to secure Brown, but I think the best use of the cap space now is frontloading a few deals. If giving Brown 400K next year makes him more likely to accept 500 in the next two after, do that, otherwise just wait to negotiate next year and offer him 600. Frontloading Norman or Moses would give us some room to move, I don't think we are finding our big prop or hooker signings in the current market, we need to position ourselves with as much space in 2019 as possible to make moves.

Can't say we need a guy like Naiqama, he's a defensive liability and we're already paying too much for a reserve grade outside back in Hoffman. Lichaa gets cheaper by the day, a one year deal wouldn't be terrible, but it looks increasingly like our forward recruitment will be like 2017; rejects and fringe guys hoping for a shot. If we find another Brown we'll be cheering, maybe someone like Latu or even Luciano Leilua would be a target for that role.

Gol I like your thinking mate with the front loading of deals as down the track it frees up a lot of cash later on and gives you even more flexibility.This also unveils itself if the cap rises,to me it's a lot better than the rob peter to pay Paul backloading.Dont want that Tigers situation with Farrar to happen here.

Mind you I think we have a smart cookie in Gurr keep an eye on that front though so I don't think cap is going to be too much of an issue moving foward.

Thaiday fits the role beautifully Gol......The intangible cultural benefits makes him someone to really hunt to bring on young forwards that will be coming through our structures.

Find out a way to make his wife and family happy and he will come. He has been treated poorly by Bronco's and I think Sam still has plenty to offer.

He was sacrificed after the first Origin game and his form leading into that game was much better than some will admit to.....he was carrying an injury.....played when he shouldn't to help his club out and has now been shit on.

He has something to prove to Wayne Bennett and the faceless men that have done him, including Kevin Walters.

Interesting assumption BE, under this new administration and with out the leaks like we used to get from the 2 previous boards it's hard to get a real handle on where our cap currently sits.

One would imagine that with the signing of Moses most of the extra cap space left for this year would of been taken up by his signing ?. I haven't sat down on excel and tried to work it out but with Semi off contract opens up cap space from this year, the natural increase in the cap from 2017 to 2018 adds to that, will Beau Scott play on ?, will Timmy retire ?, will IDG retire ?. So many variables to consider that aren't very clear at this stage.

I actually think it will be closer to the 2 mill mark and the player shuffle will start once the NRL & RLPA sign off on the cap for the next 3 years. Right now I reckon most clubs are sitting and waiting otherwise you could get the Dragons / Hunt scenario which is just ridiculous money. But good on Hunt's Mgr he played the card early and the Dragons took the bait hook, line & sinker.

JJ another thing we have to factor in is our cap penalties aswell.
Holy smokes! Are you Scott Seward in disguise? That's a lot of money you are spraying around there ... without any improvement to the current squad.

We need to focus on prop / size as a priority + hooker. If there are no good blokes available next year I like the front loading idea - max the cap in 18 and free up more for when quality comes on the market.

What makes you think we have $1.5 spare? Why would we give contracted blokes more money? Bernie won't be sleeping tonight ...
Jimbo if I'm honest we need to put all our eggs in development market this will protect us against the cap and we stay in house instead of fighting market forces.

Coryn the Eels actually did something similar like that back in the early to mid 90's and it was absolutely disastrous for the club. Without doubt some of the darkest days in our history getting lapped by 50 + consistently.

For my 2 bobs worth it's actually a combination of Jnrs mixed with seasoned hard nose NRL stars that will give you the best result. A coach can only do so much for the Jnrs coming through they look up to the leaders on the field and will follow.


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