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Mitchell Moses to be a eel in 2018

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ok mate ok, lets not get carried away now

And ideally on a performance based contract set out over 3 years minimum. $400k base and performance results across attack and defence, games won and lost, etc, kick in from there. I just don't think his base is worth any more. He has a lot to prove before Moses is paid more dosh.  

Wouldn't go higher then 600k
Yeah....that will happen for sure Frog.

No manager would accept that.  His asking price has been 900K.  Great potential and could be a future rep player, but 900K is more then Norman and he isn't as good as Norman at this point in time.  His defence is suspect on the try line and his game management can be lacking.  I'd be happy to sign him, but I would prefer Cronk. 

Agree with all this. Just don't think Moses is worth blowing big dollars on a base salary for the promise of a consistent, but yet to be seen results over an NRL season. So far this season he's mostly been garbage. I have no problem letting him earn $1m, per season but it comes from results achieved with a performance based contract. $400k base + meet everything we ask of you over a season and you earn your $1m or whatever the results dictate. Pull off whatever average you've achieved over the first 2 seasons and we'll renegotiate a new base (extended) contract for a further 3 years based on the $ average Moses achieved over the first 2 seasons + an extra $100k thrown in as good will if he's been a very good boy, and reset the performance parameters until we come to an agreed cut off for the duration of the extended 3 years contract. The goal being to turn Moses into a world class player earning big marque $$$$$$$

If that's the case Choccy, we aren't in the Mitch Moses market then. No way he will accept that kind of deal. Not in a million years. Unrealistic in the extreme.

From a particular view, I can see that Precious but then that scenario comes back to taking a big punt in hope of a winner coming through - scenarios of this nature we've been repeating over and over again since Brian Smith moved on.

I just don't see where the certainty comes into all of this to define a $900k or near-about salary Moses is wanting. 

If he was of a more stronger, solid build, with all the other skills he currently reveals, here and there in place, sure pay him more $$$$$, but he looks fragile and with where the game is now heading, his body is going to experience brutal poundings, week after week, and I wonder if this fragile looking body can cope????

And sure, if the Manager (wink wink wink wink) can pull off a 3rd party deal for $400k per season and we pay $500k, then let's sign him up straight away.   

I just feel that he only needs to prove over the first 2 seasons of a 3 season contract, that he can deliver what he really believes he is worth, that he get's paid accordingly to what he puts on the plate, that being high quality, average or crap.

After the first 2 years are proven, then he's on top marque dollars for most of the rest of his career if not all of it. And if we did score Cronk, then what a mentor that would be for Moses in preparation of taking over when Cronk retires. 

Just my opinion...

I'm not suggesting we should be paying him 900k a season, but someone is going to. My point is the kind of deal you're proposing just won't even get us to the starters gate.

I get that. I just don't think he's worth the gamble. There are other players we can go for, at worst even during next season and pay that top dollar for a proven player.  I've watched Moses from the distance and he's not impressed me much yet, but hey, I might be wrong. I think Widdop offers more bang for buck than Moses currently does. And then there is Cronk, Foran and Hayne to look at. 

He won't accept that ridiculous deal you have mentioned more than once, nor should he and no player would?
Unrealistic in the extreme indeed.


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