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When norman comes back where does guth go. Seems if uou put him in the front row he'd find a way to get the job done, seriously though he needs to be in the spine but where? Fullback? Half? 5/8? Lock? Hooker? Utilty bench player? Where should he play?

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Defensively, right centre. In attack, "fullback". Gutherson has better defensive skills in the front line but his ball playing and fitness levels are too good to have him play only on one side of the field.
Wherever BA puts him he will give 100 per cent, personally I reckon he should go to fullback and French on the wing, but we will wait and see.What a whole hearted player the Guth is and a future long term captain IMO.
Gutherson needs to be at fullback, French should be given a roaming license and KA fills in on the wing when French is doing his thing
Talking a mate this morning about this and he suggested hooker. After giving it some thought it makes a lot of sense. 2 weeks in a row he has scored or try assisted out of dummy half runs. Line speed is great, work rate and fitness 2nd to none. Normy and Moses have extra help around the middle whilst working out there combos and French gets to stay at the back and float.
Also would allow us to carry 4 forwards on the bench as we would have gutho, brown, taka and edwards who can cover lots of different positions if we lost a back due to injury.
In a position where he is involved in most/all attacking opportunities. 1,6,7 or 9 and I don't think the last 2 of those are serious options. I like the idea of Moses with the kicking game at 7, Norman as the roaming number 6 and Gutho chiming in at number 1. If that sacrifices French, I can live with that.
Guth needs to be at No 1 when Norman is fit.
No disrespect to Bevan , but it is professional sport. Similar to the way the chooks dealt with Latrell's indifferent form, Bevan will need to give up the No 1 for Guth. There are plenty of injuries in the backline for French to find form and reassert himself from the Wing but since his injury his impact has been minimal.


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