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Side mouth gets $300k image-rights component and that’s it.  $700k gone due to complicity.  

No organizing halves ageing fullback no l dont think so top eight is all they can hope for.

Correct, very lucky to make the 8 this year - they were handed a few very controversial wins by Sutton and Klein. I think Nikorima and Milford are both average (Milford certainly not worth 1 million a year) and neither can run a team around the park.

Pretty sure Souths have just as good of chance to win the title next year as well. Doubt that is the reason.

Broncos have an ordinary roster and won't make top 8.

South's have a good roster but now have a coach that is past it . The game has well and truly past him by and South's won't make the top 8.

We have a very average roster and a clueless coach. No top 8 for us and a extremely good chance of back to back spoons.

The Broncos will be a red hot team next year.  Put your money on it.  

They’ll finish where they usually do, around 3rd to 6th, but until they improve their defence they aren’t serious contenders.

We know nothing regarding form for next year until round one. Yes, they need to improve their defence but Seibold turned around a struggling Souths team in one off season. Brisbane have a young and eager forward pack and they'll be all the better for the 2018 season.

I honestly don't think you can throw any team into a bracket this far out from the season and say they'll finish there.

Except that it has been a pattern with the Broncos for the best part of a decade now. They finish in the top 6 because they beat up bad teams at Suncorp and run up cricket scores, but when they play mentally tougher teams that make them get into an arm wrestle they try to take shortcuts. That’s been the pattern under Bennett, Griffin & Ivan Henjak.

Super, neither Milford or Nikorima can tackle or organise. And a lot of people have mentioned their young forwards, and yeah, they're great prospects, but they've already proven to be very injury prone and at a young age that is a poor sign. I can't stand McGuire, but take him out of that forward pack and they are lacking a leader. Gillett is back, but who knows how he will go after that neck problem, could be another liability. I tipped the Broncos to miss the 8 this year and only Sutton and Klein, together with the usual favorable draw, got them there. I'm sticking with the theme next year, the Broncos will miss the 8.

We should put this aside and have the conversation late next year.  

Yeah, I know they wanted to keep all those young forwards, but I was surprised they let McGuire walk, he gives them that bit of mongrel that the young guys, as talented as they are, don't give them yet. 

The Broncos pattern since they last won a title has been the same, they beat bad teams on a dry track at Suncorp and they bury them under an avalanche of points when the likes of Milford, Nikorima & Roberts don't have any pressure on them, but as soon as they go on the road or a mentally tough team comes to town they've not shown a willingness to get down & dirty and go set for set for 80 minutes if need be to win a game.


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