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This kids parents need a kick in the arse, what would happen if my 11year old daughter refused to stand for the "welcome to country", how the hell does a primary school kid get to hold the Qld education department to ransom

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Steve, we probably draw the line well AFTER some 9 yr old having an opinion. Do you really want to live in a world so up itself about rules some child gets crucified for a pretty harmless protest about a courtesy? I’m just asking if you’ve thought it through to the end?

Free speech is good isn't it, unless your beliefs differ from the left, then they want to shut it down with violent protests.

What would you think Daz if my child decided to walk into the local mosque and sit down with a big ham sanga and start munching down on it in protest ?   

Would you suport their right to do so ?  You’d be all over the ABCs Facebook page commenting how brave and woke they were ? 

That's a poor analogy. Your son in this hypothetical situation is walking into someone else's space, whereas the child in this particular instance is already there as part of her schooling, she hasn't walked into someone else's space.

Ok Professor Ding Bat, answer the question, what happens when Johnny decides he's not standing for the welcome to country address

Come on Professor just answer a simple question

Strange you couldn't answer that one Prof

C'mon Daz still waiting

You raise a lot of well reasoned rebuttals to the cries of dismay, Prof Daz. I consider the topic a grey area.

On the one hand, freedom of speech and free thinking ought to be encouraged and the words of the N Anthem could arguably be amended to reflect our modern values of inclusiveness and respect for our indigenous brothers and sisters. In that respect, the young girls actions are not baseless, irrespective of who influenced her thinking, and she is entitled to stand for what she believes in.

On the other hand, she is 9 and probably doesn't truly understand the implications of her actions, nor are her views likely to be reasoned. There is plenty to be thankful for in this 'young and free' country and I'm not convinced that emphasizing our dark history of mistreatment of indigenous peoples is helpful. One could certainly argue the words of the anthem take on different meaning now to what may have been intended when it was drafted all those years ago, like any piece of art or literature.

Perhaps a middle ground is appropriate,  but I query whether a 9 yr old is the right vehicle to be driving the change in perception, particularly with such a sensitive topic.

Ps, Hanson is a twat. No question about it.

The middle ground was she was offered to piss off from the assembly so she wouldn’t disrupt the kids who wanted to enjoy a part of their culture, but she decided her needs to f*** up their morning was more important than their rights to respect the country that feeds , clothes and houses them . 

Its another Sarah Hanson Young being groomed by some hard lefty fame hunting parents . 

I don't necessarily disagree with your views, Wizz (as you can see above). However,  I don't think we can seriously blame a 9 yr old for not taking the more mature route of dismissing herself. She is just standing up for what she thinks is right and doesn't understand the implications of her actions (which is one of the major problems in all this). 

In which part of a 9 year olds brain is it ok to stand up to the principal and say no , I’m having my protest and you can like it or get stuffed ? 

At 9 , if our principal said jump , you said how high ? And I was a shit of a kid , but I respected the teachers back then because they taught and were disciplinarians .  These days they’re just Uni brainwashed , half educated idiots pushing their own agendas .  Still a kid at 9 who believes she’s within her rights to disrupt a school over something she should be doing in her own time , will end up another unpaid HECS debt . 

We’ve just seen what I’d call a mentally disabled teacher who managed to get through the teaching degree , rooting a bunch of underage boys . She was that retarded they were able to apparently blackmail her , and her parents claim is she’s lonley and easily led .  I just wish the school would expel her for her disruptive behaviour . 

I agree it is wrong for a 9 year old to challenge a principal like that, particularly in that forum. 


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