Im leaving on a jet plane......thanks to SEN 1170

Not long back from one of the most amazing 24 hours I have had in my life. I listen to Vossy and Brandy for breakfast radio on SEN 1170 and on Wednesday morning Vossy mentioned that it was unfair Parramatta supporters couldn’t get to Townsville due to the costs involved and he said the NRL should look at doing something to assist them. McDonalds came to the rescue and sponsored SEN to run a competition for 4 double passes to Parra supporters to get to Townsville and the game. I was listening on Thursday morning during the day of mourning for The Queen and Jimmy Smith and Cameron Smith announced they were giving away the last ticket and it was going to be via a last man standing quiz based on Parra trivia. I was about 4th in the queue and fortunately the 3 in front got questions wrong and I was up. First question was who played hooker for Parra in the 1986 GF (Mick Mosely) and the last question was what was the final score in the 1986 GF (4-2 Cronin 2 goals). I got lucky and the won the prize with a plus 1 ticket. The entire 24 hours, which left at 1 pm the following day, was one of the best organised events I have had the pleasure of being associated with. We flew domestic airline to Brisbane and then transferred to board a fully catered private jet to Townsville. It was completely surreal flying at up to 44,000 fett and getting up around 500 mph while sipping on the range of bevvies and food provided. Landing in Townsville, we parked our jet near the Eels jet that had arrived the previous day. There was a charter bus already waiting that transferred us to the ground and we had great seats along with a few assorted bevvies. The game was obviously brilliant and again without rush, we were then escorted back to the charter bus and back onto the private jet. They had restocked the bar on the jet for the flight back to Brisbane and there was just a great group of people who got on well from the get go who laughed hysterically and consumed a few more bevvies before a bottle of champagne was opened to celebrate the win. After landing in Brisbane we were then (again without waiting) escorted onto a private bus and driven to our overnight accommodation which was just fantastic with executive rooms with King beds. Following morning we were escorted (again exactly on time) to waiting charter bus back to the airport for the flight back to Sydney.

So many thanks to SEN 1170 who have a radio station that is basically a 24/7 dedicated Rugby League talk station. I have been a listener for several months and wont have it off my car radio or App for most of this GF week. Also thanks to McDonalds for sponsoring the prize.

Our club could do a lot worse than become an SEN sponsor/advertiser after their incredible effort to get a few dedicated Parra supporters to the game. Eternally grateful from an experienced traveller who has rarely experienced such a level of professionally organised and seamlessly executed travel arrangements.   

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  • Sluggy rang me to tell me of your good fortune PT.

    I had actually heard you on the radio (Brisbane 638) the previous day doing a call and I said to sluggy if I was a judge you would have won it then. Great comeback to win.

    Could not have happened to a more worthy recipient. A lot of people would never know what you did to help Slugg through his poor health period. 

    You are a special man Mark!......just goes to show great things can happen to great people.

  • Mate bloody great stuff, couldnt have happened to a nicer bloke, im thrilled for you mate, and we got the win!

    And it was a Mick Mosely question that got you through! one of my fav eels ever.

    Well done SEN 1170, outstanding work.

    • What a wonderful story ..,.,what a perfect adventure ❤️❤️

      1170 used to be 2CH didn't it ?? I remember having my ears bleed to it daily 🙄as a child 

      • Carls hows the pace going working on the panthers team picture?

        Well done on the last game, outstanding efforts.

        • I'm fearing Nathan's chin might pop out of the phone and internally injure me through my Lorna's tbh 🤔

      • Yep. It is the old 2CH channel. I can still hear Howard Craven. It's Rugby League 24/7 and it's filling a hole in the market. The lone girl on the trip, Victoria, is apparently being interviewed by Joel and Fletch after 5:30 pm today. Remember Victoria, what happens in Townsville stays in Townsville!


  • Oh yes I was listening live when you'd won those tickets.  Didn't realize it was you . Well done 


  • Great post PT, I'm glad you had a great time and watched the Eels March into the GF, I'm huge fan of SEN fan it's a great station for league tragics - I'm constantly sending SMS's and giving it to 2am Tommy sledging him for being a roosters fan. Let's hope we all enjoy a great grand final victory 

  • 👍

  • Is there a recording of the winning radio moment we can listen to?

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