Worst ever signings

Who is the worst signing to ever play for Parramatta.
there has been some real bad ones like Billy Rogers, Troy Wozniack, Paul Whatiura, Daniel Harrison etc.
what other sigings from Parramatta have been awful?

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  • Easily Sticky Stuart. Worst signing by a country mile.
  • Ricky Stuart
    • even worse than him was Carl Webb. The worst signing by anyoe ever.

  • I think Kearney was worse than Stuart by a little bit

    • At least Kearney took more than a year to f*** us whereas it took RS only 1 year

    • Ever since Anderson got sacked, eels have brought in shit signings!!

  • Stuart did not play for parra but sure did play us
  • 1. Sticky

    2. Kearney

    3. Paul Carige

  • Carige was a decent player. I remember the commentators talking about him at the time, mentioning he was from Queensland. He was almost origin material. Obviously, he's remembered for our worst game.
    Troy Wozniak wasnt that bad.
  • Ben Kusto or Chris Thorman. In today's team wow willie tonga has been more then value for money ;)
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