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Don't care

Putting the rasicm aside...Croatia will have 1 day less to prepare in addiction to having played an extra game (3 extra times).

Will they have enough petrol in the tank is the question, because skillswise, tactically and mentally they sure have it.

PS Going back to your Zimbabwe comment...Aus teams used to be all white and Anglo-Scot- Irish, not anymore.

Isn’t the whole concept of the World Cup racist ? 


Simple , you’ve tradionally got whites vs blacks , Blacks vs Browns , Browns vs yellows etc all believing they’re superior to the others with an eventual winner . It’s just now they’ve ethnic cleansed most of the whites out . 

GO CROATIA!!! The French are disgusting people, the absolute worst tourists in this country, smelly, dirty, loud, obnoxious, untrustworthy, just very obnoxious people..


Btw , I reckon Croatia will beat them . 

I’ll tip France for sure! I think England were a bit hard done by to be honest! The first goal by Croatia was clearly a penalty to England. Also notice the colours the referee was wearing same as Croatia (red & black). Also the players for Croatia got away with some dirty cheap shots.

So you’re saying that Croatia is the Maroons of soccer?


not many Frenchmen

Are the team born in France or ring ins

PS - don’t see why it is racist to say French team is more Zimbabwe than French

Disagree, the Germans are. The Germans are the most rudest, arrogant, bigot race of people I e come across. I should know, spent nine weeks last year hiking with them and they’re arrogant. Even though I was screwing one of the Austrians chicks, great root in the sleeping bag but that’s about it.

They were dalmatians you rolled around with not croatians.


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