Will Penisini

He is such a strong runner of the football with his fend, power and strength. The first good ball he received there was a line break. Our attack needs to be more revolved around him especially in our own end when we spread the ball wide. We barely gave  him the ball after we saw his ability

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  • Him and Moses are lethal. Whenever the short play is on, you can bet your bottom dollar, it's Moses setting him up for a little gap. He is definitely learning, and producing excellent results

    • I love how Moses is giving him early ball. Russell on the outside is playing great with Penisini, whereas dunsta didn't understand him and his positioning was off.

      • Russell and Penisini came through the grades together. There's going to be some understanding of how each other play.

  • He is going off lately, one of our best again.

  • This season is his absolute break out year ea. Seems to have great strength and the ability to beat a one on one   great meters out of the backfield 

    • A parra junior chief?

  • Very powerful and underated speed. Can't wait for his brother to come into grade with him 

  • The Penis went hard tonight..................................................................................................

  • Have always like Penisini and he is a top quality center, the only thing he lacks is pace as he has been burnt off a few time but I wouldn't trade him for any other and the only other center I would have is Cambell Graham.

    • The change from an up and in defence to a slide and hold defence has helped Will enormously. He's much more comfortable defending from the inside 

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