who comes in for EVANS

After Evans was screwed over and suspend , who comes in.

I believe Alvaro will be promoted and bloody Terepo on the bench. I WANT Mannah on the bench. Yeah Snake I said it.

I reluctantly accept Alvaro.

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  • Alvaro will start with Moeroa (unfortunately) on the bench.

  •  Moronna wears that rugby union headgear like to say “union is really my game guys. That’s why I never lived up to expectations here. I’m REALLY good at that game.” Stop dropping balls and find some mongrel before you go ya prick.

  • Unfortunately the reserves cannot be changed and it’s Terepo to play. Maybe we will see the 2017 Peni when he was occasionally awesome. Guess BA wanted experience.

    • Was just gonna ask if we can apply for dispensation and change our line up...maybe we can argue we didn’t expect monkies to be sitting in court!?

  • We can’t go into a final against one of the better packs using 3 backrowers on the bench. Surely Terepo comes in and I bloody hope so! 

  • Nuikore is fab and Alvaro was really good last week, finally showed similar form to last year. Not a moment too late as our chances depend heavily on him repeating that form.

    Really hope this doesn’t bite us on the arse as badly as the bench did in 17 and the unpreparedness we found ourselves in with Alvaro out early did back then.

    I’ve supported Brad through thick and thin but we should’ve been better prepared for cover in this area with players blooded FG ready, esp  given our lack of depth and decent FG form of incumbent front row stocks - I’ve continually found it beyond belief that Mannah or someone else hasn’t been given a bench shot earlier and it’s hard to know why Mannah wasn’t included in the preceding weeks based on his form. 

  • As good as the Kaneplane has been for us I believe Peni can come in and do a similar job. If he puts his head down and runs hard he can be a very effective metre eater. Just one thing Peni. HOLD THE BLOODY BALL!

    • ...and don't give away penalties!

  • Peni Terepo would be my preferred choice. Hopefully, he plays with the agression and leg drive we associated with his game in 2017. 

    • Great choice, snail one or snail two. Wonder how they will have the energy to get off the bench?

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