With the score locked in at 4 all and after battling defenders Nofuluma finaly is set free and just plays the ball correctly and he gets penalised .It doesn't matter wether the refs called or did not call for the play the ball. At worst, Sutton should have just called Nofuluma to play the ball again after the Sharks defence is reset and ready to go. What is happening with our great game, are the refs really falling apart under the pressure or is it corruption?????? 

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  • I think the call for penalty was right.

    He refs never called "held" and the Tigers player was worried about having the ball stripped from him as the Sharks had almost stripped it a moment earlier. It's just like surrendering for the tackle without pressure which under the rules is penalised.

    • Should have just told Nofuluma to play the ball. 

      • Why? They didn't call held. Parra fan is right, it's the same as a surrendered tackle. Penalty every day of the week. The refs got it right, for once...

        • it was nothing like a surrendered tackle. Nofoaluma was in a wrestle and battling to break the wtwo Sharkies restle hold and when he finally broke free he went down to play the ball.

          There was no surrender involved.

          He was just trying to maintain the speed at the play the ball.

          Maybe he heard or assumed or imagined the refs say play the ball but whatever happened there Nofoaluma should have just been called back to play the ball again.

          Later in the 2nd half a Shark player did something similar and the ref called the Shark player back to play the ball again. WTF.

          • You can't simply play the ball because you feel like it. Yes, he was being a robot and trying to get a quick play the ball away. Problem was no referee called held. They were right. End of story. 

  • Sharks running away with it now, as if it was ever in doubt, should have been docked points like we were , fucking cheats have gotten away with too much over the years. 

  • All said and done..Tigers didn't turn up for the 2nd half.

    • Their first set after halftime set the tone for the second half. 

  • Being a Parra fan can be shite but at least we don't follow the tigers, they are crap in every way, two best players are 40 and their halfback is a reverse transvestite 

    • Love it!

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