What style are we going to Play in 2021

We have all read the many post mortems by various Media outlets.  No question, we came up short and were pribably March premiers and lost our mojo as season pregressd.   Wjat worries me is that we have not addressed the key issues stopping us making he next natural step.   Pros - we have the competitions leading ff loader in the forwards in Junior.  WE have a top 3 tackler in Reed. We have a top 10 try assist in MOSES.  When we are hot we have an incredible 60 minutes in us.  The remaining 20 is what lets us down. When the first rotation starts and we lose our bookends we momentum and trust in the defensive line.  This snowlballs ont Mitch and his kicking game goes off becuase he now kicking under presuure and often at the back of a poor set.


We need to find :

A rep quality Front Rower who charges at them, can pop a little ball before the line and more important doenst lose th ruck when tackled.  Got be maintained and quick teh play the ball.  Who is available, can we afford him. Will he be happt to be a No 14 and do some real hard stuff as the game ebs and flows as momentum starts to make its play,   Penrith appears obvious as they try and keep their kids from the 2020 GF team.   I would be looking at Quuensland Cup or similar.  LODGE is not the answer IMO.  Daniel Saifiti borther a YES.   Not as developed as his twin bother but has similar characteristics  Thomas  FLOGLER frnm Broncos another good one.  Either way  need be capable of bg minutres an acvcurate defense. 

Centre to replace JENNINGS.   Few out there like Whare and  Jimmy the jet.  Can play but injury prone an both have issues that attrract media attention.   NADEM being shopped arond as well.  Think we need to invest in real speed .  WAQA has real speed but his defensive issues are not yer corrected so may find himsef on wing r playing Reggies. 

WE know know that the kicking game is more vital than ever .  Mitchy can still deliver on that.   His running game needs to lift big time.  Run and plays eyes u football. 

BA must work on the defence as No 1 Priority.  Then he can develop a system in attack that straighens our attack uo. We can play sdeline to sideline of we have the,m back pedallu ort compressin the in the line.   He can buy Bargain priced players  but their skill set or strenth has to add to teh squad,.  Not replacong life for like.of type of players we let go.

BSA work out wjay shape you want the attack to play  towards.

Work out variation for tacvkles 1-3

Try and mainain tthe momentum when the Front rowers go off not be completely be dominated.  May involve tacticallly kicking trwards sidelines so play set peices and take the 1-04 wuick play the balls and risk of sic again happening.


We have the team to go higher.  Bu we need to stay heathy and YES we need to start  brining kinds through after June,   Stil have a sneeky feeling we have a decemt player cming on boad for 2021.


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  • Some good points Squiz, but I do not see the club going after more props when we have RCG and Junior on decent $$$ and some young guys coming up. But I get the point.

    Centre for me is the key; and defence, you hit that well. We must be ruthless for 80 mins; nothing short of that. Often tries on the edge were scored becuase our ruck defence allowed a fast play the ball, hence we were not well set. Must dominate this are of the field and inside communication and body position when leaving the line; square up more and less backtracking.

    YES our attack is at times sideways with no goalpost to goalpost charging with runners / plays; to me we need to re-jig this a bit to maintain our strong attack; and if we can do that we can go ok. But the errors in defence must be rectified asap.

    Squiz were you typing fast mate? some interesting spellings....

  • I think going into a season with one recognised hooker was a rookie mistake from BA, we lack that attacking punch from dummy half and that's not being critical of Reed asking him to rack 50 tackles is the wrong way to the use the young kid. Also, it might be time to experiment with Brown as first receiver especially in the red zone, Moses to focus kicking and supporting the best halfback in the team Jr Paulo! Dunster to be be given first crack on the wing but if we don't secure a strike centre it could be a long season. 

    • Agree we need a couple of centres the problem is finding them.Our recruitment at the moment reminds me of a few years ago when we bought old has beens and from memory two of them retired before the seasons end.As Toovey would say someone has to be responsible for this.

      • Yep, our backline needs some some more strike. If Naden sorts himself out in rehab, he’s worth a gamble on. Defence needs work but he’s young and a great runner with the ball. 

      • Who are the old has beens?

        • Yes we have mainly bought players with potential. Not retiree's so far.


        • Oldfield (31 next year)
          Opacic (27)
          Lussick (25)
          Roache (25)
          Hipgrave (24)
          Papali'i (23)

        • Agree Mick, who are the has beens?

          Finally I would be worried about buying a player from rehab who uses alcohol  and racial vilification for the excuse for his disappointment in being dropped ......I like to quote a very good friend of mine who was black and played very high competetive sport who always told me, if he hadn't been called a "black bastard" at least once in a game, he felt that he hadn't played well enough. Rugby League players should not be sensitive in areas of race, they dominate the game and are usually gifted athletes. It is only the politically correct fcukwits that find it damaging, because its fashionable to do so.

          • Poppa I can agree with the PC line but maybe I would not have said it as black and white as that (or can I not say this anymore?). I think govt. have a lot to answer for with their allowance of the victim culture which has gone on far too long, but will stand up to it? Not the two major parties. There is little resilience these days it seems, and I am not talking about Naden but society overall.

            I also question now how penrith handled the Naden issue as from memory it was from some Warriors supporters who appeared to apologise? Maybe I am wrong about that, but what if they were Wests, Parra or C'bury fans and not 'warriors' fans? The incident was quickly dealt with. The Goodes incident and that girl was castagated everywhere....

            Anyhow I think we need a strong and tough defensive centre, as to who? NFI. No to Roberts and Naden needs time to mature and sort things it seems.

    • Mick, lets accept it was a mistake from BA re hooker.....but why was it a "rookie" mistake? BA is not a rookie, he must have had a reason? someone /something not happening that should have etc.

      I think maybe rationalising the season gone and the player's he has gone after are essentially Reserve Graders with the ability to play first grade. This year he has picked up Joey Lussick who can play hooker or half.....the extension of Flegg to 21's will make a difference as well because it will give options to pull u/21's into first grade in the right circumstances. Also the purchase of  Roche from Warriors as a hooker, who according to one of the best judges on here could even challenge Reed Mahoney for the starters job at some point.

      Further to this players like Opacic and Oldfield can fill a role in first grade, although initially not likely to make the 17

      Papallii is just as likely to force his way into the 17 along with Hipgrave. Cannot see those young forwards Hughes and Hollis getting in before either of those two just mentioned. The challenge will be BA needing to rotate his forwards differently to learn the lessons of burnout that became apparent at the end of last year. This will be his greatest challenge.

      PS I would be happy to pick Mansour up and start Fergs in the centres, he just make our backs a lot more constructive than they were this year. Dunster would be a standby alternative after all these options are used.

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