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    There are many that could qualify.

    • Many Australians would call Origin the pinnacle of the sport. Game I 2004, Game I 2005 and Game I 2006 were all the best games of their respective seasons. Game II 2005 had maybe the best individual performance I had ever seen from Andrew Johns. But what was most likely the best was Game II 1989, when Queensland were down to 12 men after 5 injuries and won 16-12 against a full strength NSW side.
    • Test matches are often even better than Origin. Some of the best in recent times were game 2 of the 1990 Ashes series, the 2006 Tri Nations Final, the 2010 Four Nations Final, the 2008 World Cup Final and the 2013 World Cup Semi Final. Some classics are the 1962 Ashes game III, the 1950 Ashes Game II where Australia won the Ashes for the first time in thirty years. There's also the 1914 'Rorke's Drift' test where Great Britain defeated Australia with only 10 men and the 1958 'Battle of Brisbane'.
    • Grand Finals. I can't comment on the various English club games, or other club games around the world, but the best Grand Finals in recent times in Australia have been the 1989 Grand Final between Canberra and Balmain, the 1997 ARL Grand Final between Manly and Newcastle and the 2015 NRL Grand Final between Brisbane and North Queensland.

    The best out of all of those I'd have to say would be the 2013 World Cup Semi Final between England and New Zealand, but I am biased as I saw it live. Runner-up would be the 2015 NRL Gran Final. 

    Jamie Parsons, Played Rugby League in Australia since 1997

    The NRL has changed significantly in the last 20 years making like for like comparisons over the years difficult. Personally the most exciting games I have watched have been Grand Finals or State of Origin matches.

    The 1997 ARL grand final between Manly and Newcastle is one of my favourite games. The game see-sawed between the two teams with the top dog Manly seemingly in control. Newcastle fought back and Robbie Davis put Newcastle back into the game but they still couldn't take the lead. Until the last play when Joey Johns burst down the blind side from Dummy half, drew the defenders and fed and inside ball to Darren Alberts who scored the match winner. I still don't know if the conversion went over because I was already celebrating too wildly.

    Last year's NRL grand final was also a standout. An all Queensland affair between Brisbane and North Queensland. Brisbane seemed to be in control the entire match until again the last play. NQ had a roll on and the ball bounced around the field from side to side until the winger slipped down the right hand touch line and scored in the corner. Thurston hit the post with his sideline attempt and the game went to golden point. The drop in Brisbane was clear NQ were on top. From the kick off Brisbane spilt the ball gifting field position and possession inside the 20 out in front. A simple position for JT to slot the winning field goal.

    Purists may argue for the low scoring brutal affairs from the 80's and understandably. Mick Cronins full time sideline conversion in Origin 1981 capped a remarkable game though this was well before my time.

    Murray Giles, Strategy and Commerical Consultant (2015-present)

    Jamie Parsons - Quora
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  • This one. Hopefully someone  will post video I can’t 

    3rd test Australia v Grt. Britain

    This game had everything, a penalty try, a controversial rebound try, an intercept try, the first test for a young guy named “Half a Game Artie, the great Dick Thornett, a Peter Diamond classic head high, a Ken Irvine Hat trick and a slick try by Ron Lynch.


    • There you ae Slugg 

      Australia vs Great Britain, Third Test 1966
      Australia 19 Great Britain 14 At Sydney Cricket Ground Crowd: 63,503.
  • I was at game 2 Aus v GB 1990 in the Uk. Magic

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      • Hi Tad I was at a game way Back then when I saw Dick kick a drop kick from around that distance though I’m not sure if it’s the same game. Archie Brown was the regular kicker and he kept missing his conversations so Dick took the ball off him in frustration and dropped kicked the ball over the black dot  from about 50 meters out and won the game for least that’s how I remember it!

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          • Yeah they were good times Tad even though it was “first in best dressed”.I stood up most times but it was always exciting going to Cumberland Oval on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Winter time amongst the maddening crowd.Even though I am now in my 70’s,still love going to the New Stadium and still get excited watching my Favouite Team but would much prefer it if it was on another Sunny Sunday  afternoon.Go my beloved Eels 

  • I liked the 2014 origin game at Suncorp. Hayne's best game. Without him, we wouldn't have won that game or the series against that almighty QLD team.  



     The Grand Final that I believe never gets the wraps it deserves is the 2003 Grand Final between the Roosters and Panthers. The game was full of big hits and even though it rained for most the game, both teams played high quality footy. The game is probably best remembered for the Scott Sattler tackle on a run away Roosters winger Todd Byrne. 

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