Was Ricky right to blow up?

So there has been alot of noise from the Raiders v Warriors game yesterday. Ricky has had another blow up in the presser, and a point that I found interesting out of this was the sin binning of Wighton for being deliberately offside, according to the ref. I'm no expert on the play-the-ball and ruck rules, so I've done a bit of research this morning, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think Ricky was justified in blowing up about this particular incident.

Here is what I have found for play-the-ball rules. The is from genral rugby league rules:


And this is from the NRL rules:


And here is an image showing Wighton at the time the ball is played:


From this point he sprints out of the line, so he would appear to be offside, but that is because the rest of his team move slowly off the line.

The ball was in play, Wighton made it back to his own goal line, and he didn't appear to leave early, so I don't think he did anything wrong here. Note the position of the ref in relation to the play-the-ball and Wighton. There is no way he can have any idea where Wighton is at the time the ball is played. He follows the ball after it is played, and the next time he sees Wighton he is out past the 10m line when the ball has been passed to the right side of the ruck, while the rest of his team have advanced about 4 or 5 metres:


Only natural that he concludes that Wighton must have been offisde, albeit in this case it just appears he is wrong.

What does everyone think?


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  • I watched this game. Ricky might have a case for this particular incident however the Raiders lost the plot in the first 40. Constantly infringing with stupid and poitnless stuff. Hair pull, wrestling with the head, starting a fight from a scrum, leg pulls, slowing down the ruck etc etc. It was ridiculous and the ref lost patience. If it wasn't Wighton for that particular incident then it would have been someone else. Riaders cut out the garbage in the second half and went on to win the game.

    Ricky never admits fault. Never! He's the biggest sook in the game by a country mile.

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      • If you are going to call our team "Crappamatta",at least get off your arse, put in the effort, do those hard yards, and finish fucking 5th grade. You will learn that words have letters in them and that these letters matter. Not least because being so shitful at something so basic makes you seem like a joke. An unfunny one. You could recite spelling words to help distract you from that pain you feel in your ass when you have sex. Stop calling my team Crappamatta on this site or I will stop frequenting your gloryhole (leaving you $3 poorer) 

      • Verticalsmile, i don't know why you are so negative with the life you live.

        1. You get to finish school at 2.30pm, normal kids it's 3pm.

        2. You get driven home in a special white bus.

        3. You get to wear a helmet.

        4. You get to lick the bus windows.

        5. You get to watch your favorite show, Dora the explorer, before any of your siblings get home.

        I just can't understand all the negativity.

        • He watched the book "Where's Wally", like, alot of times, couldn't find him.

          He now blames QAnon.


      • Your a cock head 

    • Very clever coach Stuart, plants a seed in the referees mind so when semi finals arrive he'll get a good chance of not getting penalised.

      • As opposed to our genius 🙄

  • He will get looked after by the refs now he has ha a blow up.

    Bit like Cleary complaining how Penrith never got 6 agains some weeks back and since that day Penrith has won the 6 again count every game and hardly give any away.

    • It would be interesting to see the analytics of this actually, does it work, or is it a perceived myth it does...

      • It doesn't work, if it was working you wouldn't be hearing anything from Stuart, he's always whinging.

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