Vegas 2025 opener!!

Does anyone want Parra to feature in the opener next year??? 
nrl would love for us to go. 
one of the biggest supporter bases. 
penrith are apparently on board. 

what do we think? 
battle of the west hits Sin city!!! 

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    • You obviously live in a vacuum CE,  the crowd was good but if you read some of the smaller print you will realise that was only part of the equation.......I am not going to explain it to you as you are the classical "do not understand that you don't understand".

      I agree by the way on the Mam/Lenni situation so why bother mentioning it?

  • Parra v Doggies would bring a crowd, I'd go %100 .

  • Absolutely - we've should've accepted the invite this year but of course the powers that be at Parra have the foresight of Stevie Wonder and the vision of Ray Charles.

    • Foresight and Vision can be transversed in many way's and directions Heisen. Those two I would class as true visionaries.

  • Well, the NRL have come out and said that teams need to be 'Vegas worthy', whatever that means. This is of course contradictory to their previous statement saying that all 17 (or 18) teams will get rotated through during the 5 years. 

    I expect nothing else other than the NRL to look after their preferred teams. So that will mean the Roosters, Broncos, Storm are lock-ins for next year. That leaves the 4th spot open, which I expect the Warriors will fill it. 

  • I have good mail that the air hostess's threatened to strike if Mark O'Neill and Dylan Brown were on their flights .  

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