U19 State of Origin

Other then Larry Muagututia  on the bench for NSW do we have any other representation across both teams.   Further how important a rep team is this for future NRL talent.

What is the coversion rate of an SG Ball player to consistent NRL player in a 30 man squad I wonder ??



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  • Do we have any players? 

    • Larry Muagututia only one,. 

  • If the NRL had a rookie draft, these guys would be the top prospects for this years draft class. 
    There's some quality talent out there. 

  • Trey Mooney No:13 is a Parramatta Junior but let go. Went to Canberra

    • Well done pathways team.  Almost last in flegg congratulations pathways club 


  • Not a bad game, i remember when brissy claimed that a womens NRLW team would beat the under 19 mens team.

    I still cant see it happening.

    • Again, a total lie from you Snake. If you're going to drag me into your conversations at least tell the truth.

  • Muagututia looks good.

  • Pezet looks very good

    • Pity he's not at the club his old man was at, he looks the absolute goods, his talent sticks out like dogs balls.

      He probbly realised Jake was here and he's never get a crack.


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