Parramatta Eels have today announced the appointment of Trent Barrett to join the Club as an NRL Assistant Coach for two years from the 2023 season.


Parramatta Eels Head Coach Brad Arthur said, “Trent has a wealth of football experience which he has harnessed over almost three decades as an elite player and coach, I’m sure he will contribute significantly to help enhance our football program.”

Barrett has a decorated career as a player with 235 NRL games for Illawarra Steelers, St George Illawarra Dragons and Cronulla Sharks, and an additional 60 games for Wigan in the UK. He has represented NSW and won 15 caps for Australia.

Barrett has extensive coaching experience with Canterbury Bulldogs, Manly Sea Eagles and as an assistant coach with Penrith Panthers.

Parramatta Eels General Manager of Football Mark O’Neill said, “Brad identified Trent Barrett as someone who could add great value to our football program. We all agreed that to be the case based on Trent’s credentials and experience. I know he will be a wonderful fit for our club as we seek to continuously improve each and every year. I look forward to welcoming Trent and his family to our club”.

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        • You would have to dig underground to get low enough

      • It's extremely frustrating turn a sane person to white powder

  • Fair dinkum... soon we'll have every ex-player in some capacity on the coaching staff. What do they all do? Biggest laugh I got:

    Parramatta Eels Head Coach Brad Arthur said, “Trent has a wealth of football experience which he has harnessed over almost three decades as an elite player and coach, I’m sure he will contribute significantly to help enhance our football program.”

    We've all listened to BA enough, seen the interviews, watched the pressers... hands up who thinks he actually said the above. Didn't think so. They could at lease make it sound vaguely like something Forrest Arthur might actually say.

  • The real funny thing is some eels fans think Trent was some top notch brilliant assistant haha, whats he ever done to prove that?

    Trent has his mates like gus and joey build him up to ge some outstanding coach, so he could get a gig as a head coach.

    Trent showed absolutely zero brilliance at the dogs and his body language and general energy was deplorable.

    Theres absolutely nothing to say he was some brialliant assistant, its just comical.

    Plenty of the same dopes who have backed BA as a great coach are the same guys now saying what a great choice barrett is, its laughable, they wouldnt know shit from clay.

    Some of the standards of this club and its fans are deplorable, there is no standards.

    They will support what ever the club does, and look where we are at as a club, just disgraceful.

    • Yep it's the blind leading the blind unfortunately for the rest of us Snake. Fuck I'm pissed 

  • McGregor's immense talent and IP, Nathan Brown's extensive knowldge and inspiration, Barrett's winning record (and a few chairs). How is BA going to manage this brains trust? FMD, the average IQ level of our coahing staff falls everytime we make announcement of a new appointment.

    • lol a brains trust of BA and Trent, talk about reaching for the stars.

      This is going to be the most comical combo ever at the club.

  • Slap some face bazzy bazz


    BAZZA  !

  • I'm not against the club signing Barrett as an assistant coach,  he has far more credentials than our current assistant coaches, even though Barrett has failed twice as an head coach at least he was considered good enough to be given a chance at a head coaching role which is more than you can say for a lot of assistant coaches. 

    Now for my issue,  this is a clear indication that BA is safe for next season no matter how badly we might finish off this season,  a season that started out considered to be our best opportunity in a very long time to win the comp. This is our strongest roster under BA's time as head coach yet we have gone backwards and next season our roster won't be as strong.  This has disaster written all over it.

    • Spot on HKF. The issue is that it's clear that BA will be given yet another chance. The dopes that are calling Barrett a shit appointment as an assistant because of his poor record as a head coach haven't got a clue.

      Barrett's hardly the problem moving forward. He's a good assistant and despite what some say his record as an assistant stacks up fine. How he presents himself in a fucking presser is hardly relevant.

      The issues not Barrett, the issue's the imbecile that's in charge. Barrett as an assistant is fine on it's own merrit, the problem is that it signals another year for a bloke that's well and truly run his race.

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