Top 6 Dirtiest NRL Players

As its the 'Off Season' I thought I'd start with what players that you would consider to be in the 'Top 6' Grubbiest / Dirtiest Players in the N.R.L. Mine are:

1) Russell Packer

2) Nate Myles

3) Cameron Smith

4) Billy Slater

5) Josh McGuire

6) Nelson Asofa Solomona

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  • It's incredible how those players are either Queenslanders or Melbourne players LOL

  • Mark Geyer

    Rod Reddy

    Micheal Innes

    Cameron Smith

    Adrian Morley

    Ivor lingard

    • Yes, I forgot about Micheal Ennis. He wasnt to popular with Nathan Hindmarsh.

    • Ivor just put him in there as click bait for "old bastards" just because he invented the cumberland throw didn't make him dirty.....mind you he was a south african.

      I know why you put Rod Reddy in there! 

  • John Hopoate

  • On a side note did anyone else notice how dirty the Panthers players became after being down by a big margin last night?

    I thought Luai, Martin and Korosau in particular got very dirty especially the number 6.  I know they are young but when times are good they are over the top excited and happy.  Almost gloating! But when times are tough these guys resort to dirty tactics.  

  • defiine dirty players... what is teh category for dirty player. For example Cam Smith is pretty good at getting is team finish the line...

    • A dirty player is a broad statement. So it could include numerous points such as:

      1)Physically using inappropriate tactics to injure the opposition players in the hope of not getting caught.

      2) Manipulating referees and disrespecting them / arguing

      3) Rascist, sexist, religious comments to opposing players to get them off their game or to retaliate physically

      I mean the list is endless and can vary in peoples interpretation.

  • Les Boyd also comes to mind but he was before the NRL period. I would also consider him more aggressive and tough than dirty.

  • In no particular order:

    Nate Myles, Justin Hodges, Josh McGuire, Michael Ennis, Adam Blair, Cameron Smith

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