• How did we not win a comp with this team?

  • Bazza where did get the tip sheet from? Great post mate. The best teams that year were Manly and Newcastle, the 1997 GF is one of favorites - both teams developed a great rivalry especially Mark Carroll and Paul Harragon, Manly in control for a long period of the game and favorites. Newcastle found a way to win and never went away which frustrated Manly and this something we haven't found since we last won a premiership. The North Sydney coach back then was Peter Louis very underrated, 60% win record and by reading the tip sheet its clear he and the coaching staff are accurate in analysing the opposition. North Sydney had a great periods during the 90s and fell short few times just like eels.

  • I hope campbell doesnt see this

  • I think we needed a couple of years with this team; for me 98 could have been the one; and i guess we could say 1999-2001. You have to take your chances and i go back to 05 when we got dusted by the Cows and Wests were champs.

    • I think the 1999 team was the best we had during the time we had the Bulldog defectors (1996-2000). We should have won the comp that year

  • We've actually had 5 really good sides since the early  1980's. The first peaked in 86 the second 1997/98 the third 2001 the fourth 2007 (with the end of 2009 being  a brief renaissance) and the last is peaking now hopefully. People talk about the eels being crap for 3 decades but that's not true at all and we should have won  at least  2 comps in the years  between 1997 to 2009. We lost to the storm a lot in finals in that period and we are still losing to them! Winning  a comp is about timing as much as anything. I was watching the 2003 panthers win where they came out of nowhere to win it and then faded again. The Roosters side they beat wasn't amazing. It was a good side but not great. We seemed to come up against some really good opposition in the big ones. In hindsight the 2001 knights and 2009 Melbourne sides were 2 of the best ever assembled. I'm Melbournes case illegally. Early on we also choked a lot under Smith, can't deny that. 


    • Yep, between 2006 and 2009 we played eight finals matches for five wins and three losses. All three losses were to the Storm, who were found to be rorting the cap with a team full of internationals during that period.

    • We should have won it in 2005 and the team that did fits that category of nothing special. Dont get me wrong the tigers were good but not a salary cap suspicious team of rep superstars, and look what happened to them in the years that followed. That loss to the cowboys was probably more disappointing (and ridiculous) than the one everyone remembers 1998 vs bulldogs.

    • We've come close many times, the season that really sticks out and the most enjoyable for me was the baby eels team in 2000. The team had a group of young skillful fearless players lead by Dymock that put away highly rated team like panthers and roosters in the finals, fell short against a broncos team packed full of rep players and fought hard.

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