Three Why's Eels

1. Why do we give our winger ball and they have 4 to beat and get smashed over the sideline. Both Fergo and Sivo are good finishers and score if given half a chance, they are just not given that chance. Why are we not creating more room for them. Believe some posters have touched on this? Not just Moses fault - he was playing straight and digging into the line against the Panthers.


2. Why do we not have a plan of attack when the opposition gets up fast giving our attack no room? Opposition have been doing this for years and we still seem to have no answer.


3. Why did Moses/Matterson switch with Brown/Lane? Like that we are trying new stuff but why the switch? Is Brown being given teh better side for a right footer or is he being asked to do more of the play making?

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        • Why can't we do that or something different to what has not been working for the last several years

          • We have done this in the past. 

            16-17 with Semi and alike.You had Foran Norman Moses attacking the line like it's being explained.Our wingers have scored plenty over the years.

        • They are a well oiled machine, the depth of the backline is key along with playing at speed at the line - once you commit a defender this opens up space both on the inside and outside. I can't remember watching defenders retreating so meekly like I did last night - on the other hand we ran out of room due to poor shape

      • Totally agree

        Seriously, what is Andrew Johns telling these blokes? He's the one who should be teaching and setting up this kind of play. How are they getting it so consistently wrong?

        • I'm not convinced, or confident, that Andrew Johns is going to be all that good for us. Absolutely he was a great half but that doesn't necessarily mean he has the ability to coach/teach/impart knowledge.

          He comes across as a bit of a dope on the tele. 

          Hope I'm wrong though.

          I was at Bankwest last year (2019) for the Brisbane semi. Sterlo was on the field during the warm up and spent a few minutes in deep conversation with Moses. Granted the Broncos were woefull but Moses played a very smart game that day. Love to know what Sterlo said to him....

          • Your'e not wrong Kramerica, he definitley comes across as a bit of a dope 

        • We are not a well coached team, sterlo talks about the lack of width and depth especially when carrying the ball off our line. I can't believe the coaching staff thought the power game would be sustained over 20 weeks. I just can't give BA the benefit of the doubt, time is up there are too things to be addressed 

          • Did you give him the benefit of the doubt after leading the comp for 12 weeks.O'Neil and co obviously did.

    • Funny enough 2019 and most of the first half of 2020 we played more direct with our forwards punching the line and offloading. Our back line was then standing deeper and the  hitting the ball up at speed. We were scoring beautiful  tries. Sivo and fergo went off in 2019. Second half of last year and last night eels went to defense  mood and all our good shapes went out  the window.

      • I agree. And what bothers me is they don't seem to see the problem. Last year when Fergo couldn't buy a try they just kept saying it would come eventually. It never did and Fergo finished the year with his worst try scoring record ever. Simply put, he ran out of room on every play. The Eels became obsessed with right - left with Gutho hitting Sivo with a cut out. It became the only way we could score and it seems that nothing has changed this year. 
        Why did our right side suddenly stop running the right lines and why do they continue to run the wrong lines? Only they know. It's beyond a joke now. 

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