• God help us!!!!
  • Tears for fears "Everybody wants to rule the World"!
  • Now for the big finish

    Roy Spagnolo is rumoured to be in talks with NRL to take his position when Todd is elevated.

    David Smith gone by February 2015.

  • If this cretin with zero rugby league iq gets the top job I suggest a boycott to attend all nrl games.

    What the f is going on. These guys know nothing about the frickin game.
  • Thats how the rugby league big shots roll
  • Lower than a snakes arse, more slimey than the mackerel, dodgier than any of the brothers and more of a con than the fruiterer. 

  • I'll repeat. This man is simply a politician who says nothing. His statements don't answer any questions but simply paraphrase the questions or tell people what they want to hear. He actually says or does nothing, except for maybe continuing to look after the dogs.
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