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The Reasons Brad Arthur MUST Be Sacked Or Walk Away.

1. A complete inability when it really mattered to hold players accountable for on and off field discipline.

2. For lying about holding players accountable in numerous press conferences and saying they would not be in his plans moving ahead, but then playing them again and again after poor performances.

3. His complete lack of ability in identifying leaders and Alphas, leaders are born not bred.

4. Players not improving their games under him, barring Brown most players are stagnant under Brad.

5. Hes not tough enough, he has the face of a lion but the heart of a deer, hes too much one of the boys and struggles to make the tough calls.

6. Hes a poor tactician and gets completely out coached without the input of Gentle.

7. The skill levels and discipline of his teams is generally poor year after year.

8. Brads a very poor long term planner squad wise, failing to address glaring problems instead preferring to stick with personal favs who are clearly not cut out for the job.

9. BA hates change and refuses to move with the game, he lives by the motto of 'its worked for us before, theres no reason to change' his words.

10. BA struggles attracting real talent

11. His use of or forwards and the one dimensional style of play is poor.

12. hes a poor attacking coach with us constantly being in lower scoring teams every year

13. He clearly struggles to split family and business and thinks they are one and the same.

14. he is taking this club backwards not forwards

15 he holds onto the dead wood that other clubs cull because they want a hungry environment and hes all about loyalty, hes simply not cut throat enough to create a hungry environment, he doesnt even think filling our top 30 is important.

16. The tail wags the dog in BAs team, thats the simple fact of the matter.

17. EVERY year we have forwards starting rd1 looking clearly overweight and very unfit, im sorry but we are behind the 8 ball every year

18. Brads simply not honest with himself or anybody else, thats very clear by his own words, excuses, his pressers are diabolical, i actually dont think he can see half the problems because hes too pig headed.

19. hes pig headed and arrogant.

20. he has a complete inability to attract the right coaching staff, its very clear not many want to work with him

21. Hes just not that smart, actually i think hes very late catching on in lots of basic areas, hes not the sharpest tool in the shed.

22. he hates talking personal responsibility, anytime hes asked about it he says ''we all need to take responsibility'' taking the question off himself and deflecting it to involve everybody when hes been asked about himself, he does this every time.

23. i believe his training methods are miles off the pack, as are his skills work, we are behind the 8 ball.

24. hes way to passive and his team plays like it, the man speaks with no passion, hes a complete bore.

25. He is a reactionary coach not a coach who is a visionary, and even when he reacts its way to late, the ships already sailed.

26. his teams look uncoached out there, its as simple as that.

27. Hes a very poor halves coach

28 he has an overinflated opinion of his own ability and ability to get the most out of shit players, big part of the reason we are where we are.

29, hes a very poor identifier of talent and has no confidence in the guys he bought to play for our feeder club

30. he recommended Cayless be the coach of wenty when Cayless is a complete imbecile of a coach and was never a smart player.

31, etc etc, i'll put up another 30 points later when i catch a breath.

Has anybody got any more points as to why he is not the man to take us forward?, i'll add them to the long list.

Reality is Brads a great guy but not the man to take this club forward.

He's created a culture where ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY is the accepted norm and we are all suffering the fallout, just like many of us called would happen all along.

RIP BA, its time to go, thanks for your efforts, youve been well paid, now its time to go and i wish you the best.

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It is isn't it...….makes you question our own sanity reading the defenders crap.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to defend B.A. while they watch Parra go down the drain embarrassingly. B.A. is a backward unskilled bush coach that can't even start a sentence correctly.

Its an embarrassment Alan.

Because over 2 years in 2016-17 what he did with the club was nothing short of extraordinary Alan. Against all the odds and obstacles he took us to the semis. So you could either say he can’t coach and this year is the real BA. Or this year is a blip on the radar without an assistant and head of football and in years to come he will have success again. I’ll leave the decision up to the powers that be but you asked how could anyone defend BA..... short memories us Eels fans... short memories

1 point to rule them all BA has failed to deliver 

C'mon Brad, its time to walk.

Walk? The p....k should farking sprint.

You would think the club and Brad would sit down and say this isn’t working and we are just making matters worse, it’s time to go our seperate ways. I understand he wants to and is trying to turn it around but if he is being truely honest with himself he has to see it is not working. Someone Bernie, has to make a business decision, it’s as simple as that this is causing our brand massive damage and has undone all the good that we did last year after the disaster in 2016.

I have been patient with BA but yes, its time to go. Leadership is a complicated thing and while BA has proved himself as a very capable leader in adversity, he is not a leader when there is expectation. The great coaches are able to modify their style to suit the environment, Situational Leadership.  


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