There are 3 inevitabilities in life, death, taxes and someone abusing BA on this site. Added to that is the point that a lot of the abuse stems from added expectation that is evolved from an NRL team who are going into their 4th finals appearance in 5 years. Now to a moderate to limited Parramatta/NRL fan those stats are promising, though the expectation is now we need to win a premiership is this the person to get us there hence the abuse levelled within the fanbase.

On the other end are the defenders of a coach, in this case i will stick with Arthur due to him coaching my current club so i know the perceptions of him more than any other coach in the NRL, the fans that protect BA are more so inclined to reference two replies to those who have opposing views; 1) i see no coaching games under your name so you cannot have an opinion, 2) His is not the one who missed the tackles or dropped the ball. All terrific cop outs, in my eyes, that are usually from those who see the score upon scrolling past it on social media or are good sports and some who generally do watching every minute who feel that way and are passionate to their club and everyone involved, which is fair enough. Then there are also those who reflect upon the old Parramatta in the early 2010's where we collected back to back wooden spoons with 4 coaches in 4 years. They see the way the club was and see how it has evolved under Arthur and how he never given up in order to bring relevancy back to Parramatta.


Now, in this sense are those who abuse a coach warranted in their views? well i'll start by saying my views on the matter in regards to BA. The views i have on him are purely based on my thoughts of him getting us to a GF, nothing personal as he has been nothing but a gentleman both times i have met him, neither his actual knowledge and ability in the game as i do believe he is a good coach and is NRL quality. However i would be lying if i said i didn't want him moved for 2022. But then when my views are passed on i recieve the addage of can you do better or who are you going to get instead or he doesn't lose you games or the simple we are winning. Yes we are winning but at what cost?

For every club, the goal is to win a premiership, for some it might be get in the top 8 first then go for a premiership but that is every clubs goal is to win a title. For this reason is where i see the point of views of those who want him gone as it isn't the fact he's not good its that he cannot get us to that end goal. However, there are still those who abuse the abusers for even mentioning the idea of moving on from a coach or even worse criticise the coach.


Is a coach to blame for a loss? sometimes yes. Is a coach the reason for winning games? yes sometimes. Though in the eyes of some, especially those in the media when a coach is being sacked, every coach is not at fault for their losing, ever. Though if they lead their team to a good season the coach is praised about the great job they did. To that i say you cannot say a coach is helping a team win when they can never be a reason for them losing. It is one or the other, either a coach is a reason for a teams win or they are a reason for them losing, or the other side they do not help your team win or lose to which i say what is the point of a coach?

Now is that always the case where if Parramatta win or lose BA had something to do with either? no of course not. Take the St. Geroge game in RD5 i believe the players let us down in the game by not sticking to game play of winning the ruck through the middle choosing to play around them no through them. BA mentioned how disappointed he was, kicked them up the arse and then we picked up a great win v the Raiders. That loss wasn't his fault but the win in RD6 was helped by him. Than take Manly in RD11, refusing to acknowledge the defensive definciency of that right side with Blake, Ferguson and JA. simply costs us the game, not entirely his fault but still should have noticed it in 2020.


What i am referring to in this blog is to those who believe a coach can do no wrong is yes they can, are they always at fault? no but they can be, and when we expect better it is because after 8 years we expect us to at least improve upon the second week of the semi's and when we don't we will call it out. Why don't we go and coach them then? well we werent sought out to coach like BA was, if you're hired in a role to meet a certain goal and do not achieve it after a certain amount of time you should be moved on, im a believer of that, not moving them on from lack of trying or lack of ability just simply a change of direction. I am not saying either that the supporter of a coach should be quiet and not say their opinion, them stating their opinion makes talking sport interesting.


Overall, in my eyes a coach is not defended against criticism and yes there is unwarranted criticism, though some is justified and it is presented due to fans wanting a premiership. The longer BA is here and the less finals games he wins the worse the abuse becomes. A prelim this year can bide those criticisms to cease and let BA see out his contract towards getting to a title and i hope so and hope im proven wrong.


I want to know if anyone agrees with my points of view or if im way off, again don't bombard me like some do to BA just a personal point of view though if you disagree i would love to hear what you think about coaching criticisms.

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        • On the other hand ... fairies could be true AND big dogs are landing on my face!

          PS: never watched Everett but I grasp the allusion

  • I was speaking with HOE about this very subject and tend to agree that, under the current regime, it is difficult seeing us win a premiership.

    BA appears to lack tactical nous, prefering to deploy policies of 'hard work' and 'meet the collision' etc - which only gets you so far.

    That said, what BA does offer is quite priceless in that the players are loyal to a fault to him and want to play for him. Players are staying with the club for less coin because they enjoy the environment and have improved as players.

    So, what is the solution? Many have pointed to the fact that BA's assistants haven't changed for a number of years and neither our attack has evolved nor our defence become increasingly resolute. People have spoken about the likes of Shane Flanagan to take up an assistant role but it is unlikely that:

    1. a former Premiership winning coach is going to want to come in as an assistant and not have aspirations to take over the head coaching role, particularly for a club he once played for (which will likely cause tension with BA); and

    2. Flanagan has some pretty serious baggage following the Cronulla supplements saga and his ongoing refusal to abide by the spirit of his suspension.

    Muttman has identified the paucity of quality in the coaching ranks and other than the obvious 3 (and possibly Hasler), there's not really a better credentialed coach than BA, at least in the NRL.

    My preference is for the injection of some fresh, contemporary ideas and I really like the idea of appointing either the Walker brothers (although that would be expensive) or, and this is my preference, either Billy Slater or Cooper Cronk.

    Now, I personally don't like either of those two blokes, but, Slater has been spoken very highly of for his tactical nous and listening to Cronk on NRL 360, the bloke just has a different perspective that might well compliment BA's blue collar approach. Also, I believe both Cronk and Slater have ambitions to coach and so a grounding under BA (who they both worked with when BA was assistant to Bellamy at the Storm) might just provide us with a point of difference by players who are used to winning, used to good culture, and (I think) have a good relationship with BA.


    • IMHO, BA is more chance of winning a GF in the next 2-3 years (this year included) than if we were to get rid of him and hire someone else. I think we would see the squad disintegrate very quickly, not to mention the things I've dicussed ad nauseum in the past, a new coach = new systems, new personnel etc. When was the last time a coach came into a club - and let's assume the naysayers are correct and we aren't a Premiership winning squad at the moment - and led their new Club to GF glory as a rookie coach at that new club? It just doesn't happen. That's what gets me about this constant BA bashing, he has taken us to a bloody good place, we are right in the hunt. We've beaten the Storm, lost to the Panthers by a point when we probably should have won and there have been no massive blowouts. We have a very young spine and they are improving all the time. Mahoney is playing at a new level, Gutho is Gutho, despite the heavy and unwarranted criticism Dylan is going well.

      I also think BA has evolved as a Coach more this year than the last few put together. There have been different game plans, different starters and bench players, rotations, players dropped, resting players and finally, there have clearly been different game plans - those that keep banging on about "chasing the collision" and that's it are waaaayyyy off the mark and clearly blinded by their dislike of BA for whatever reason that they will not even see what is happening right there in front of them on the field. If they think I'm joking just read Super's blog on the Titans game, it was clearly evident and I agree with what he said.

      Flanagan, Holbrook, Maguire, O'Brien - they've all been mentioned and none of them are even close to BA at the moment, yet some want him gone for one of them, it's just ridiculous.

    • Cronk would be good, but he has a lifelong contract with the Roosters and his Fox commitments. Slater won't come to Sydney. I would keep BA for next season, then approach Fittler, he is very much like BA, the players love him and speak highly of him. I think Fittler would hand pick his assistants, have the pulling power of bringing quality players to the club. 

    • I think BA's tactical nous is somewhat underrated. I mean, Gus said it best, every team pretty much plays the same way, there are no new magical strategies in the game of Rugby League. Yeah each team has its own wrinkles, but that is I think a function of the players they have.

      In the end the coach can only provide a framework, or what is derisively described as "structure", as if its a bad thing. He can only give the players so much direction. One of the main criticisms of Anthony Seibold up here at the Broncos was that his coaching was overly technical and very complicated. Most of it just went over the players heads, and they ran out on game day with a head full of a jumble of strategies & tactics. They were more concerned with the next set play rather than reading and reacting to the defence.

      When you watch the Rabbitohs in full flight, you can see that Bennett doesn't fill their heads with a whole bunch of ideas, just one or two simple principles and allow the players to then just react to what the opposition is doing.

      Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after they won their 3rd title in 4 years, "We don't coach set plays here, we coach principles." Two or three simple ideas that is the cornerstone of their philosophy.

      I think BA does that too.


      • Yep everyone is looking for the magic bullet.

        When you watch the Rabbitohs in full flight, you can see that Bennett doesn't fill their heads with a whole bunch of ideas, just one or two simple principles and allow the players to then just react to what the opposition is doing.

        This paragraph resonates with me especially when pressure is applied.Overthinking and having too much on your plate is the paralysis by analysis scenario.

        • The flipside is Madge, who based on what I saw in the doco, doesn't give the players anything. People can take pot shots at BA's mantra of "Frontloading our effort" & "Chasing the collision", but I'd rather that than the trifle Madge serves up to the Tigers.

    • Could have hired Phil Gould.

  • LB - interesting read, but  some of what you say is a load of shit, trying to justify your personal views.

    What the F#$& is a "moderate to limited Parramatta fan" , someone thats stupid, someone that enjoys watching their eels every week, or someone that has differing views to yours.

    You state you want BA moved on , but you cant handle it when people point out BA's good points, or a lack of better alternative. Both reasonable arguments i would think to the "sack the bush coach brigade"

    Ive found that most supporters can see a coaches mistake, but they weigh the balance up., and come up with their own conclusions and work out what they think is best for their team. Unlike you they  want to keep BA. They see how BA has been contracted or bought in as you say to win a prmiership, they see that along the way from the wooden spoon and the terible board and front office that we had, BA has steadily advanced our team, our club along the way, he has proven he can attract players, he has identified debuted youngsters, he has coached players to state of origin debuts, he has taken the team to finals experience he has taken most fans to the point of thinking we may be a chnace at a premiership. BA has done exactly what has been asked for him, the players love him, and would take a bullet for him. 

    Yep to use a metaphore, if i was in the trenches i would want BA beside me.

    As far as youwanting to replace him in 2022 the only coach i would consider as being better for our club may possibly be Bellamy. 

    Bennett is getting older and begining to lose the modern young blokes, Robinson i dont think is as good as BA, the salary cap just dosnt seem to apply at the chooks, where they have basically fielded an Australian side for the last decade. Now that their roster appears to be somewhat cap compliant, they have reallycome back to the pack.

    Now as far as proving you wrong, I think BA has already done that son, you just cant see it.

  • Artur is a good coach but will never win a grand final.

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