• Have we got Perenara again? As Geoff Toovey would say " someone needs to be held  accountable".

  • The NRL will do all they can to help the Broncos get in the top 8. Parra will lose this game and Perenara will oblige. That's the script anyway.

    So let's see if everyone plays their part.


  • I wonder if betting agencies wait to who perenara is refereeing before posting odds for parra. This would put us out to 2.50 easy. 

  • Put me down for another loss.

    Was thinking 6-10 points before the referee was announced but now put me down for 20+

  • terrible, at least the game is at bankwest

  • Third time this yr in 13 games. But the odds should be 1 maybe 2. And yet to win one. The refereeing against the Raiders was tragic. Allowed to commit mayhem esp poor Ferguson. Let’s hope the boys can rise above this shit. 

  • He missed last round through injury so hopefully he is out again.

  • Perenara = loss of 2 competition points. 

  • I will be there, I will take the bride out for a nice meal and then go to the game. At least the meal and company will be good, because I expect the Broncos forwards to carve a highway through our middle. 

    • You'l likely end up with a bad case of indigestion and the food will go viral in you stomach if you go to the game with Perenoid refereeing 

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