The Hapless Eels strike again!

Well what a dismal performance by the Eels against a basic no name Dogs side. Eels again had opportunities to put the game away in the 2nd half but failed. Very disappointing result and the Eels defence again at times was questionable. Lets hope theres a huge improvement when the regular season starts.

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  • There'll be 4 more players on the field for each team to start with. Anyone taking a negative from a loss in a mickey mouse 9s competition is really clutching at straws. Roosters lost by 30+, they might as well pull out of the comp for 2020.

    • Roosters are not fielding their first grade team

    • Lol Rooster picked a side of nobodies.



      we picked a squad stacked full of talent.  BA Eels on Bush bums coach as usual.



      ive been saying it for ages this club will never win a thing with that dopey bald headed hit in charge:

      • Hahaha 

      • already you're calling BA  a bush bum coach? Funny last year you were literally unzipping his pants and this year the season hadn't even started and already you're giiving up?

      • Image result for blah blah blah

  • Take and his passing again.  

  • Yep, except for a few here and there that was our top side and it just got beat by a fringe first grade bulldogs team. Some fans will be in denial and say it's not a real comp but make no mistake our players were trying and weren't skillful, fast or fit enough for an extremely understrength bulldogs.

    • Let’s celebrate no injuries to our squad would much prefer that tbh 

  • Yes our forwards were very dissappointing.....just as well we had Ferg's there it may have been embarrassing.

    On the brighter side the Dogs beating us first up should knock out any complacency against them in the first round.

    My wife made an understatement about why was Parra favourites in the first place, I said because we had such a good side....could be a long season!

    PS Carlo no injuries great but you have to admire how much Fergs tried to break his own neck....Lol, nothing dumb about our players.

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