Here is the question...... Do you believe spending $1,200,000 per season for Moses will increase the chances of the Eels winning a premiership, or, do you think if the Eels signed a proven premiership-winning coach with $1,200,000 plus available to him for signing a star or several players would be a better option?


 In my opinion, paying the best part of $3,000,000 per season for Gutho, Brown, and Moses is way too much. 

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    • I think Trindall looks good just because Waqa's defensive reads are just so bad.

  • So long as that new coach brought Trindall from Sharkies with him, I'd take that every day

    i will not be happy if 3 Arthur's fill our team soon...

    • So Marty you get Tindall for a song say 300k for a season and he turns into a better player than Moses, are you going to pay him 1.2m next year as well, because that is what the market is all about.

      PS Don't get me to pay for an extra parachute, you still have a job to do in England. 

      • I'd sign him for 2 seasons on 450k year , and Mikaele so saves plenty

  • 10999801669?profile=RESIZE_930x


    He is choosing between two top teams - Not. It must be all about the money. 

    • It's a tight competition so far this year, looks like anything can happen and it's going to be around a legitimate 6/7 horse race.

  • But Slippery your not paid to make such decisions and you don't know what they are paid or how it is made up. You are also not in the market that they are in with a limited amount of merchadise.....

    I say regularly to you blokes a market is what you pay for, its not like a big window where you pick what you want or a chess board with set pieces,


       I totally understand what you are saying regarding market value, but, market value can make some big mistakes, so big it can cripple a club for 5 or more years. How about for this discussion we talk about "our own value estimation"?


       So working around a salary cap of $12,500,000 spread through 30 players. That gives an average per player of roughly $416,666 per player. I don't see the value in Moses taking anything near 3 players' share. In my opinion, if Moses is worth $1,200,000 per season the real top-line players (automatic origin selections, x-factor type players) must be worth close to $2,000,000 per season. 


       Many clubs are struggling in the halves yet from what I understand only 2 of 17 clubs are interested in Moses. Why? I bet if a more realistic price tag was attached to Moses, many more clubs would be interested. 

      • The only reason only two teams are interested in Moses is,

        1. They know they will need at least $1.3mil to even contemplate a move.

        2. The Tigers are offering $1.5mil.

        Moses won't leave Sydney, too many business interests plus family. Going through the Sydney clubs, only Tigers can afford him, Dogs could do with him but can't afford him, all the other Sydney sides are well represented in the halves, so that is why no other teams are chasing him.

        • So you reckon he played us less than two years ago when we were blessed with his loyalty and he apparently knocked back the Broncos offer? 

          Or has he only just built his business empire in the last year and a half?  He's certainly been busy in that time , apparently he didn't even have family here back then. 

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