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After the annihilation of the Dragons when no other player went that far down the field (Nathan Brown got close but not close enough), Tepai Morea crossed over one of the underground entrances into the western stands towards a tiny bunch of kids, teenagers and a few adults and when he heard a little boy had his birthday that day, he quickly took off his boots, signed them and gave them to him. Then he got up on to the barriers of the stands and took part in a few selfies taken by the teenagers including 4 choc froglets and one of their friends. This happened around 15 to 20 minutes after the game had finished. Well done Tepai for topping off a great evening. 

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If we compared credentials, would not like to embarrass you, but that's life, and that's something you need to get and have first.

LOL Colin have a f****** Bex and a lie down.  Even choc got the joke you insufferable turd.

LOL, talk about special.

What I said in reply to Snake.  & you reckon I am insufferable shows which side of the dunny you reside in as your part of the T's


One in the middle looks most like you frog.

lol, that's Tepai.

That's Emma

From left to right, Jasmin (20), Jasmin's friend Gabby from Columbia, Emma (17), Frances (14), Xanthe (11)

Wheeeew , I don’t feel as bad now as it’s  Gabby from Columbia ........  

Uncle Snakie. Bawaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

They are all show offs. Love my froglets heaps. 

You should be very proud Froggy, great looking kids!


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