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Tactics for the Storm and Finals Run

So are in for a storm first week of the finals. Can we beat them? I think if the boys put in a nothing left in the tank effort we are a chance. But I'm thinking that may actually be a bad thing.We have to travel, which would make it harder than beating them in the GF. That week of from a win often gets a team of the boil. I think we need to go down there and just play structured no mistake footy. Don't bust a gut for a win and show them all our cards.I think we should view it as a training lesson and work on penalty free solid defence smart footy. Leave the bruises and injuries til the big day. If we get a win, happy days, however it's unlikely and no big deal down there. If the boys bust a gut, get bruised up and still lose, it will be a major confidence downer. If they lose knowing that they've got another level it won't be.I think we are a good chance to roll the other teams in the finals.Beating the Storm on GF day in Sydney would be much more rewarding!

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  • I disagree. Have a real go and make a statement. No one thinks we can win the comp and last night's performance only encouraged the doubters. If we happen to jag a win, we may be battered but will have a week off.
  • What's with this defeatist bullshit strategy?
    First semi in 8 years - we play hard, we play to win, we pick our best side and we play to win. Anything else is just bullshit defeatist spin.
    • Go all out ,try some things , see what works what doesn't and learn ....ready to refine at the gf !!!
    • Frank I'm struggling to understand this mentality. We have members wanting to miss the top 4 so we don't play the storm. WTF, agreed, play to win the GF, 17 men against 17 men, I want to see a premiership. 

  • Shock and awe in the first 5 mins - like the Brisbane at Suncorp game would put us in a great position. Looking at the storm team again today they really are stacked 1 to 17 it's incredible. No defeatist attitude here, the Sharks showed in last years GF how it's done. In my opinion if we are a serious chance our forwards have to bash theirs - like the way or boys did against Brisbane in the game at ANZ. We also have to rely on one of the big 3 to produce a bit of a shocker.
    • See to a degree I agree with you our fowards will have to at least equal there opppsites.

      Thing is there are some packs in the comp that I feel we have to play smarter against and team s like Melbourne,Canberra
      Nth Queensland Cronulla Roosters who we can't beat up.To me against these we need to keep the ball moving and move the bigger packs around and try and play faster and run them off there feet.
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  • We should employ a little more 2nd phase play. Don't go stupid with dumb offloads but every time an opportunity comes along to release the ball then release it. Best way to fatigue their forwards which will blunt Smith and co's influence on the game.

    • And that's the way you beat them FME, but they need to defend 110%.
    • You do have to play second phase but I think before you do that you need to hit there edges and bend them first before just getting the off load away.We still need to be able to bend there middle and edge before promoting the ball.

      Biggest thing I'll be looking for is Ma'u and Moeroa punching holes on the edge and when our fowards go to the line they go in numbers.Once we get momentum I look for the halves to up the tempo to keep the Storm defensive line off balance.

      If we'd go out the back bring it hard left and drop Semi back under to find the lazy defender on the inside.
  • If we lose this it's going to be very hard getting to the GF. We would then be on a course against Cronulla, who we never play well against. We can take the Storm, but the set plays and Norman's long kicks will need to come back. We didn't do that last night, but I can understand why.
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