Smart thinking now would be Bank West taking on the Parra sponsorship.

Bank West being out of Comm Bank makes so much sense when the team playing there is out of the same "stable".

With due respect to ALAND we need a sponsor with the type of status that is representative of the historic greatness and the size and position of the city of Parramatta on the National Landscape.

Seeing we have a reluctance to appreciate the nature of history (our young people are taught so much bullshit)I will add for those that don't know that Parramatta is the Country's second oldest city and Fifth largest.....we not talking downtown Redcliffe here!

NB I suspect a lot of Parra supporters outside of Parra proximity may not realise this, I know that many Qld based supporters have not even been there and when they have, did not appreciate the historical and size significance. Last week we possibly gathered a lot of supporters outside of the city and other states.Bank West initial origins were Perth, another relationship opportunity for Parra?

Let's hope we have some thinkers that can explain these benefits to the "bankers". I understand their mentality well, they have never been "lateral" thinkers (thats the banks I'm referring to). 

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    • Maybe too lateral Trent Lol..... up there for thinking just the same!

      • The vault is more a nick name like the kennel banks have a vault 

  • Pretty sure commbank own Bankwest, so if bankwest take on our sponsorship it will be a friendly relationship instead of a getback.

    • That was the point Krupty, hence "out of the same stable".

  • Banks are super conservative with their sponsorships because brand damage sticks and we're not that far out from the Banking Royal Commission still. The NRL does itself no favours for sponsors with a massive haul of PR nightmares rolled out every other week (thanks to Milford for keeping that tradition going strong) - the risk just isn't worth the reward.

    Aligning yourself with a stadium is an easy win - you get massive visible branding, you get added to the talk tracks on all media, but you get to duck the controversy that goes along with the games and teams playing INSIDE of the venue.

    You look at the sports that banks have/do sponsor. Tennis. Cricket. Both incredibly tightly managed in terms of brand and optics. Heck the "bad boy" of tennis in Kyrgios wouldn't even make it into the "slightly naughty" list of the NRL. Same goes for Dave Warner our "bad boy" of cricket.

    Any brand attached to the big banks wouldn't touch the NRL in the current climate, for good reason. Big risk, little reward. They're right to stick with stadiums and less scandal plagued sports. 

    • Ha , ya beat me. 

      • 😁

        • Don't get cocky, I always beat him!....LOL

          Good points Cappy, but i would not give up by prempting someone else's decision, you would be surprised how persuasive I can be with bankers! accountants and lawyers are much harder to deal with and seeing most boards are made up by these fellows, you have to isolate the one or two that can think laterally and persuade the others to think it was their idea.

          PS get the token female directors onside and convince them that it creates a much better position in empowering all the women that are coming into the game with the womens league. Christ the way the womens laegue is made up we could even get the transgender movement going with "the progressive bank".

          • Recall the former Commonwealth Bank Cup for a schools? Once the rot started the Bank pulled the plug without hesitation.  

            Better to seek out a major brothel, that way the punter expects f&@k ups on and off the paddock. 

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