Stefano vs Oregon

There has been alot of Chat about Stefano Utoikamanu and his pending departure to the Tigers it got me thinking has he been in BAs long term plans or did the club see his departure as inevitable so they decided to invest in Oregon Kafusai instead?

from a roster management point of view Kafusai was just re-signed for 2years i think and has been given a handful of games over the last 2 years. If Stefano was truly in the plans youd think it would be Oregon who would of made way considering its essentially a bench prop postion that they are competing for.

So im wondering on everyone's thoughts have the club backed the wrong horse or will it prove to be good roster management? 

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  • Nah we expected to keep both, but Wests snuck in. Parra have been playing contract negotiations slow, and for some players that doesn't work.


    I've said before I expect him to come back before his contract is up from speaking with friends of his. He isn't feeling passionate about Wests at all.

    • Passion changes once he is a tigers player he will feel it.

      I've known alot of 1st graders over the years who never get to play for the team the support but can still find enough focus on the job to get up to play against the team they support.

      I was talking to a current eels player who loves the warriors still but is passionate about his job for the club that pays him. Another good example is Blake Austin he will still admit that the eels are his team even though he never played for us.

      If Stefano kicks on at the tigers he won't be back unless its at the right price.

      • So would that be Dylan Brown Offie

        • Not that i know of but wouldn't be a surprise for a young kiwi.

          Hell Hindy was a Dogs fan up untill he got signed 

          Some players like Reed are very lucky to play for the team they supported.


          • Sterlo was a Manly fan as a kid

        • Niukore

        • With Dylan the real worry is the lure of a certain jersey that is completely black.

      • Oh yeah we will be buying him back at Paulo prices if he kicks in, but he 100% wants to return. His mates have told me he laughed about taking the coin from Wests for a couple of years and then heading back to Parra. Unless he flops, he won't see out his contact at Wests.

  • I don't think Stefano will be a big loss, watching him play for Wenty he didn't excite me one little bit. Stefano has had big wraps on him for a couple of years now, some even comparing him to Payne Haas. When Haas was off contract there were numerous clubs after him, offering him huge money, and rightly so but, with Stefano, he was free to negotiate as of November one last year, and who were the clubs chasing him, just one, Tigers. We could have matched their offer but it could have been at the expense of someone else, Kaufusi or Hollis. I think Kaufusi is the safer option going forward.

    • I suspect your right and from what i here Hollis is a real prospect 

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