Starting to get excited

Was just watching the silly promo on the Eels website with the boys dancing about,and I thought to myself , wow thats actually a really good group of players, there is not one at least in the best 13 that is not a pretty handy player.So we should go okay right.Comparisons have been made to our 2018 team coming from 4th the previous season but really that team was pretty bad on paper compared to this one,plus we lost semi and Guth had done his knee.From memory (I've tried to forget)our best forwards were Timmy and Polar and our strike weapon was French,then we had our lucky charm Jarryd The Spoon Hayne back.Any wonder we was shite.

The common consensus was that we lost our season after the capitulation in the second half of game 1 against Penrith and lost our first 6 i believe.Which brings me back to the importance of getting off to a good start,to hit the ground running and take confidence from the first 5 or six games and get entrenched in that top 4 early.

So here are our first 5 games of 2020.Early days I know but after 5 games what points can you see us sitting on?Dogs. Titans.  Cowboys.  St George . And Tigers.

For me I'd say losing any of those would be disastrous. 10 points 50 plus for and against and sitting in 1st would be the only forgivable outcome.




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        • Yeah, he's their best Head Coach since Bill Walsh, maybe their only proper head coach since the great man.

          • I'm an Atlanta Falcons fan since 81.Watched him and our HC Dan Quinn make dubious decisions down the stretch against the Patriots in 2016.

            Still stings like hell watching him build and take his team to the SB 3 years down the track while successive OCs and the same HC flounder around with basically thee same offensive talent.

  • We'll l lose to either Cowboys or Dragons and be 4-1 to start the season. 

    • I see the cowboys being a danger but we really should beat the dragons, they have a decent starting 13 but not much else and Norman/Hunt in the halves.

  • We should definitely be top 4, no doubt the teams goal is to win the comp like it should be.

    • our squad is better than the Cowboys, Dogs, Titans, Dragons and Tigers.
      Realistically we should win all 5. 

      • We should win all those games in isolation, but the back to back road games against the Titans & Cowboys will test us. If we do manage to win both those games & start 5-0, then I will really start to get excited.

  • LOL remember how excited some fans were when Jarryd returned. I knew it would turn out a failure and we hyadn't won a spoon since he left. He came back, we won another spoon.

  • The Cowboys game will be the danger. We have both the Titans & then the Cows on the road back to back. Even though the Cows struggled at home last year and we are a better team in general, that game will be the danger for us I sense.

    I think we'll be 4-1 after round 5.

    • Plus they have a new stadium which could give them a lift similar to what the eels got from Bankwest, this is the danger game in the first 5 rounds imo.

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