Soward rates Parra B plus and says well done BA

SenJamie Soward has rated all 16 teams in NRL this year with Parra right up with the top rated B plus . He said Parra would have been up the top with an A if a bit more consistency and congratulated BA for job well done .   


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  • Soward is the biggest wanker at there. How he has a job as a commentator is beyond me. Played one good season and dumb as. Has no idea about the game. 

    • Sooner foxtel piss him and Greg Alexander off the better. 

      • I would like Braith Anasta off air on Fox first after his pro Manly comments . 

        • Braith is a ass clown, that clown is still concussed from that punch from the souths player years ago the name escapes me - the worst commentary I've heard for a while. 

          • Fa'alogo was the bloke who put one on Braith's chin.

      • What’s wrong with Greg Alexander?! He’s a great interpreter of the game. Who can think ill of GA? You have no soul.

      • Agree. Get rid Anasta as well. It’s obvious they aren’t fans of the eels. Finch is incoherent - I can’t understand anything he says. The only one I rate is Buderus. 

    • He finally has it right though even if his back flip is just pissing in eels fans pockets . 

      • Driza agree, braith is another one. Greg and braith seem to have a dig when ever they can. Even if you don't like a team you need to be level headed as a commentator.  All three are trash and need to be moved on. 

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