Six Again - Love it or Hate it.

The new 6 again rule to be introduced, Do you Love it or Hate it.

I'm for it, I think it will open up the footy again for the attacking players, the wrestle will decrease because of the new rule, darts from dummy half will happen more frequently, the defensive lines will be breached more often and there will be less stoppages while everyone re sets their line after a penalty is blown. I also love the idea that the referee has discretion to also award a penalty to cater for those 1 point 1 minute left on the clock scenarios, and in the end their will be less on the games penalty count that the media so love to talk up.

I can see players like Moses and Dylan brown loving it.

So what do players think Love it or Hate it. An early call hey.

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    • I saw some talk by one of the explayers on foxtel or nine, a couple of days ago, cant remember which, but he added that it may be also beneficial to let the players decide if they want a penalty or 6 again. It works similar to that AFL game "lol" where a whistle is blown for the wrestle offence/ hand on ball etc etc, the attacking team can stop, reset and take the penalty or they just continue to play the ball with 6 again. ie Play on. that way the players "attacking team are getting the advantage" each and every time depending on the scenario, defensive attacking pressure, field position, score line pressure time to go etc etc, that the attacking team think best serves them to score.


    • Good call Rowdy, I'm with you and everybody else (seems to be a marjority on this)....lets give it a BIG GO

  • Not sure if I like the idea. It will be exploited like the other rules by the best in the business. You can basically see 1 team go from their own try line to their opponents try line and score on the back of 6 again and I repeat it again in the next set after kick off..The NRL should stop the continual rule changes in the hope of fixing problems that poor refereeing has created.

    • Monto, I believe the NRL has stopped the continual rule changes.

      Now we actually have a real "leader" doing it without trying to be everybodies friend at the same time!

  • Best idea in a decade. Melbourne were notorious for giving away ruck penalties on purpose to set their line. Great move Vlandys

  • I don't know if this has been brougth up before. 

    The 'six again' shoud be optional, at the choice of the side getting the six again. 

    As others here have pointed out when a winger brings the ball back after a kick, the attacking team is disadvantgaged getting an extra tackle whereas if they kicked out they would restart 40meters downfield.  

    • I think you are missing the spontaniety of the situation Elvis,give them the choice and it gives the defending side to reassemble..... may be down the track the option could be to kick out on the full once the six again has been announced as a part of the playon.

      Am a great believer in the referee having the descretion to signal a playon, on the run with six to go, really would make  defensive side wrestle something to think about...... this is why a second ref doesn't work, the ref cannot mould the flow of the game if you have a little dog barking in your back pocket.


  • The first game with 6 again , what a spectacle absolutely love it. Fantastic game, super quick, fatigue involved  little men showing ball skills, minimum stoppages, and best of all the wrestle kept to a minimum . If this first game Eels 34 v Broncos 6 is any indication, six again is a big hit with me. The one ref did great, some minor issues but the game flowed, didn't notice him too much. Great game to watch. 

  • Can’t wait to see how teams like storm handle or try counteract it.

    if only it was around sooner the storm scourge but not have been as successful 

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