• Blake Wilson Katoni Staggs in the past.

          Jojo Fifita isn't getting a run anytime soon for the Titans.

          Cotric Smith Shields I mean the clubs looking.

          Who am I kidding I been saying look for outside backs in Fiji or off the world 7s circuit NZ Rugby for the last 3 years.I mean there's plenty of places to look outside of the nrl.

          I mean we found Semi Radradra off a recommendation why aren't we back over there looking for the next mentioned.

          • Coryn, i appreciate your passion for pacific islanders, i do agree to a sense that there is a ton of untapped talent there.

            But why haven't the other 16 clubs done the same as you are asking for? If they do it is rare. Must be a reason and that is why we are not signing anyone from there.

            I do agree that the area can be the future of League, why i want an NRL team for the pacific islands.

  • Sivo got charged 3 or 4 times with this last year, what was he and rig coaching staff doing all off season????


    Seriously makes you wonder, if Dunster or the prick from the Black Eyed peas we may as well give it up.  

    • Haha prick from Black Eyed Peas 😂😂 - one of your best Al.

  • The last message given to Sivo and the team is to chase the collision 💥 hes  told to chase the collision  -  how is he supposed to slide when he's ordered to chase the collision this is fkn ridiculous. !!!!! Fark me !

    ***Bush bum coaching systems 


    • Your BA obsession is showing. Blaming BA for Sivo's dumb tackle is next level BA hate. 

      • Dumb tackle  x 3 mate. Try coaching it out of him. Little boy

        • Here's a tip Chief. Training is in Kellyville. Head down there and chat to BA about Sivo's tackle technique. Undoubtedly BA has never noticed it before. I'm sure he'd be super impressed by your insights. While you're at it, I noticed Moses missed a few shots at goal yesterday. Tell BA you noticed that too and suggest he tell Mitch to not miss from here on in. Problem solved. 

          • If Chiefy went to Kellyville, I reckon his body would be found in Cateye Creek in a couple of weeks. They might have trouble finding him just the same as everyone knows Chiefy's shit doesn't stink.

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