• He is better than what we have behind him. Against Dogs it might be fine, Penrith in Round 2 is a big miss.

    • I think you can move Bailey to the wing and Harper at centre it will prob be ok, but eels should be looking for a new winger asap 

      • I think that is the way BA would go, if Simonsson's hamstring is dodgy he wont be risked. People saying Simonsson is a dreadful winger, they are right he has been for us. However, when playing on the left he is a lot better. BA's safest option could be Dunster, but Simonsson could be strongest option.

      • Agree Sivo is useless! He never breaks the line when bringing the ball back. He's way too slow and he's caught in field a lot

    • Sivo is the worst wing dfence in the comp. Carriiage/yardage are also average.The guy is built like Tarzan but runs like Jane. Find another winger. 

  • He has become a liability. Simple as that. BA spoke about not doing stupid stuff that hurts the team. Trial game and Sivo once again takes a bloke's head off. He hasn't learnt a thing. I'd be shopping him around very soon. 
    The Warriors have a shopping list of fast, big outside backs who'd love a permanent nrl spot. Enough of this! 

    • Sivo in last 5 years has had; 22, 15, 17, 13, 20 tries a season. He is a liability but he gets points. It is hard as you put Dunster in same amount of games and has half the tries Sivo does.

      But also, he is letting his team down again with just laziness. After 107 NRL games you'd expect he knows better.

      • Have to disagree re Dunster. A lot of Sivo's tries are at the end of a backline play with decent overlap. Dunster scores most if not all of those. 

        • He has 3 tries in 19 games. If overlaps can happen for Sivo they would for Dunster also but doesn't get the ball. He played a fair few of his 19 games on Sivo's side also.

          Sean Russell on the other side proved he is a good try scorer also. Dunster i feel is not a great try scorer.

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