Sivo for JAC? are reporting that Storm are interested in Bulldogs swap of Remis Smith for JAC (Bulldogs also getting Flanno).

I know Sivo has been a PR cover-boy for the Eels and rightly so based on 2019 efforts. But he is still raw (NRL skills and experience) and more importantly if his 2020 effort levels continue we would be better with someone else. Still JAC may be a bit expensive for a winger and Guth a bit expensive for a centre.

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  • Addo Carr wants a mill a season. He’s pretty much signed sealed at the dogs.

    • 1M a season ha ha. Geez if Dogs can afford him as well they must be close to reaching their limit. They seem to be buying anything on two legs.

      thank goodness we are sitting it out on him at that price- really didn’t think he was even one of the most influential players out there last weekend - and at that asking price you’d expect he would be, maybe it’s a case of not getting opportunity in the game. But if we couldn’t provide opportunity for Fergo for most part of the year - then that’s a hell of a lot to gamble on a winger.

      • While we buy anything on one leg. 

        • Haha!

          Maybe we need better magic men with numbers then we can have two legs too?

      • He wasn't Macy but Paps had a blinder. 

      • Exactly let the Dogs overpay for an unproven guy at fullback.

        He doesn't want to play winger so why would we swap Sivo so we can help Melbourne Jesus I swear we got some guys who hate our team.

  • Agreed, he will not be coming to us, as he will want large $$$ and we would need to offload someone. We have Moses, Guth, N Brown, D Brown all on decent $$$ and have others such as RCG, Matterson, and Blake on decent $$$.

    C'bury need to pay overs to get these guys there, good luck to them. Barrett failed at Manly......

    • How about the freeing up of money losing both the Jennings bros?  I know George would be relatively cheap but Michael would free up a lot of coin?!


      • NEWSFLASH for the Nut - George has reportedly already signed with Storm.


        • Sir Col re-read what I wrote.  Losing both the Jennings bros will free up money. I was already aware that George had reportedly already signed with the Storm.  Michael won't be back so that frees up money also.

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