Just want to get a general feel on opinion, should MA join the nrl side towards end of year in a 14 role (10-15 min) or should he stay in nsw cup and keep working on his craft. Plenty of good things in the 19s origin but also some issues with his game. Getting him into the nrl side could be good to see what that level is about so wouldn't mind him in the 14 for last couple of games. 

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      • And sign Lumelume to take valuable minutes from the juniors then say "woe is us" when we have no depth options.

  • He's not quite ready yet. 

  • I wonder if he will stay at the club long term now that his brother has left and his dad got sacked?..

    • My guess - probably follow his dad once he lands somewhere.

  • As long as he doesn't kick 😂. His first half was better than his second half. Give him a taste in short spells.

    • Actually we need his short kicking game in the opposition 20, its a real shortcoming in our current attack, he adds a dimension we badly lack at present. He can be a game breaker in the right circumstances.

      Some of you blokes amaze me when evaluating players, usually a strength is attached to weakness, that's what makes a player special. You subjectively make judgements, usually after an event. If it doesn't come off he is a goose, if it does he is a genius. Watch the kid for christ sake, his short kicking game is an absolute strength, so we have someone says "yeh pick him" but give him a rifle with no bullets.

      • Yeah Poppa, as oppose to the predictable "Pass to Moses" or "Pass to Brown" that we do he adds a kick behind the line or shift to the blind drawing defenders before passing, it stops us going sideline to sideline which we do a lot when frustrated. Our current Hookers either do crash balls or just pass it to who calls for it.

        • This is structure and coaching TB needs to be onto this.Short kicking game early plants the seed but right now we have it in our minds we are going to pass our way around teams.

  • Stop just handing out first grade jerseys to anyone.

    Come back to us when he puts on 10kg and can pass left to right for starters.

    • First grade jerseys handed out every week to 4/5 pretenders at Parra, if you don't understand that your showing your not up to such judgements Snottie.

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