• Excellent 

    Will need him next year

  • Wraps are quite big on him, probably the reason we weren't that upset losing Stefano.

  • Hughes and Hollis are the future.

  • Now we know why the club didn’t break the bank on Kane Evans. This is straight out of the Melbourne Storm playbook, don’t overspend to retain forwards. 

    • Yep. Maintain a strong starting foward pack and try keep them for many years. Than buy below average fowards from other clubs and train them to be solid bench players. Once they believe they are too good and want too much money let them go and than repeat the cycle of buying an average bench player. Conversely, you can do what we are doing with Hughes, invest in your youth. 

  • Wondering if he will get a debut towards end of the year if we rest RGC or Paulo, terrific defender being an ex back-rower, mobile and tough as nails workhorse

  • Good news.  Replacement for Evans already, although he has some learning to do. Next mission is in the backs.

  • Big wraps on the kid. I remember one of our nrl forwards saying Hughes is a real footballer.

  • 193cm and 115kg.He's big for a young bloke and good on his feet.Runs a good line and can tackle.Would be great to see him get a run against the big boys.Hollis is almost there and while he is even bigger in stature he looks another off season away to build a bit of muscle, and once he's done that he will be a massive human, he is 197cm and could easily reach 120kg.We are all good for props.

    • Yeah, doubt we'll see him this year, but definitely will be in the frame for 2021. This is purely a move to stave off competition for his signature.

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