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Thats true but its a very unusual thing youd have to say.

How many people do you know who have driven onto the wrong side of a busy Syd street, smashed into parked cars and flipped in broad daylight?

I dont know anybody who has ever done that.

Im not claiming hes on any substances, but its not a good look for him regardless.

I knew someone who done that but it wasn’t in Sydney, London, smashed into three cars but didn’t flip it. Wasn’t my fault, I thought I saw David Bowie walking down the street. As it turned out, it was a garbo collector.

Ive read about a few celebrities who have done it in Double Bay and Mosmon etc and they were all on substances but ive not known anybody.

Maybe a tyre blow out?

What were the weather conditions, near a hospital anyone running out and he had to swerve to avoid them.  Gee, wonder if capital punishment still exists.

Well put EE, some common sense to be mixed with the culture of humanity!

Yeah hasn’t done anything wrong yet

At this stage it doesn’t look good for him, it could be something innocent but knowing footy players and our luck I’d be betting against him.

Wait and see but looks pretty bad on his part.

Maybe there was an actual fault with the car itself. If he comes back clean then they will need to check the car for mechanical faults

I hope that’s the case.

It will come out that he was on a mixture of anti depressants and pain killers, not his fault.....he will be fine.


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