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At this stage its a accident i hope he is recovering.

If it is Drug and Alcohol related then sack him im no saint but ive lost a friend because of a drunk driver and i have no time for it.

I hope its mearly a accident for all involved and considering salmons padt neck injuries i hope its not to bad.

If its a outcome that shows alcohol was responsible its a big test for the new culture of the club


Club Statement: Jaeman Salmon

The Parramatta Eels have the following Club statement regarding Jaeman Salmon.

An Eels spokesperson said :

  • The Club has been made aware of a traffic incident that has taken place yesterday morning (Saturday 13 October) involving Jaeman Salmon.
  • We understand that Jaeman was taken to hospital for observation and has since been released.
  • The Club is providing Jaeman and his family all the necessary welfare and support at this time.

Just as well he's ok and nobody was hurt! 

Either pissed from the night before or playing on his phone...

if parra keep sacking players we will have a new team , i guess salmon is in trouble when the parra club come out with a statement on there website about the crash.

So it’s poached Salmon then?

To the sharks

Would be against food health and safety policy, cant be eating food contaminated with all sorts of antidepressents and pain killers in it.

Is there anybody at the club who's not depressed?

Wait till poor Fergo gets here, poor kent will probably be sitting on the stadium roof whacking up some smack after a month with us.

If it was alcohol or drugs then his contract should be terminated immediately.

Have to wait and see what the police report says.

Also need to take into account the car he was driving.

People drive new Jeep Cherokees as a bit of a status symbol but in reality they really are giant buckets of shit.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was a mechanical issue.

Mate spot on.

I work in smash repairs for a jeep dealer and to say they are a giant bucket of shit is an understatement. 

Like allways some are so quick to pass judgment.

Yeh it sounds suss but f*** snake why do you follow this club?..for the drama?

I did type why do you support this club but you dont do that do you champ.

Webby, you should be asking somebody who cares about your questions champ lol.


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