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  • Continuing the great culture at Parra.

    • What culture lol

      • We do not have a culture problem - Sean McEldope - chairman

      • To be fair we dont know if he was drinking or drugging yet so will have to wait for that part of the story to come through

    • Snake in all due respect it’s just a car accident. The article is making a mountain out of a mole hill. All accidents where the parties are admitted to hospital require by law for the drivers to have mandatory blood and urine samples to be taken. At 9.10am in the morning I would like to think that the results will be negative. At worst he will get a ticket for the accident. WOW hardly in hot water!!!
      • Unless he knocked over a hot water urn.

  • Fucking daft cunt.
  • There's no report that he was over the alcohol threshold. Let's wait and see
    • 9.10AM, crossing to the wrong side of the road, hitting 3 parked cars and flipping, its not looking good for him.

      Id be hoping he has the excuse of drugs or piss because its a pretty fucked up thing to do if straight.

      • I agree. It's not looking good. 

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