• Good riddance 

  • Maybe he'll pull his finger out for the rest of the year . Kanes Eels legacy so far=would have rathered Able.

    • Lol

    • That's because u have no idea of Playing the game.

      The team is where they are because of Evans. Slap on a few more eggs on your face

      • When he's good he's good.He has played 35 games for us out of a possible 67 and he's probably been good for half of those.That's not value for money, and its definitely not the reason we are 10/12 this year,.However if he plays at his best for the rest of the year because he thinks he owes us (and he does)then he can have his pudding.

  • Is it definitely confirmed Evans is leaving?

    I hope not as I thought he was coming along nicely. He was very good at the end of 2019 and started 2020 extremely well, before injury/suspension. And Evans fulfills BA's stated ideas of wanting a mix of body shapes in the pack. I don't think the Eels have a ready replacement for Evans yet?


      Maybe because he thought it's time to pull his finger out and play for a new contract.

      We don't need players like this.

  • Probably because Nathan Brown is new Warriors coach with assistance Gus (I know it all) Gould. 

  • Kane Evans will be a loss if this rumour comes to fruition - another 1-2 years from him would have been ideal. But as Evans admitted in an interview earlier this year the young bulls Hughes and Hollis are coming through so he may be exiting whilst he can

  • It took him a while to hit top gear, I think once he teamed up with Spud he went to another level, we’ve missed him. Pity he leaving because he best is yet to come. 

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