Rules that need changing plzzzzz

The Dogs were lucky to win tonite thanks to some bs rules....(1) dogs player performs a chicken wing on the manly player, he goes on report, manly players gets sin binned.(2) Renyolds shit kick on the last hits ref n get six more(3) manly in xtra time go for field goal, miss, ball goes dead and get seven tackles in which on the seventh tackle dogs kick field n win the game.Cant stand both teams but i hate dogs most!!!

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  • Looks like that guarding angle has been hard at work again, how the f*** did the ref NOT get out of the way of that kick? Big help for scumdogs to get their first point in the second half. It was manly's game till that point imo. *EDIT*

    • Lol
    • Interesting that Gus said Reynolds was barking the rule at the reff, and he listened and changed the call.

      Jarryd does it and they tell him to nick off.

  • Too much controversy in the game these days. Very frustrating to watch.
  • If the ball hits the ref I don't understand why it can't just be a play the ball on either the current tackle in the set or the next tackle in the set (whichever would be best).
  • Ha. Was about start a blog about nrl dumbest rules.

    1. 6more when it hits the ref as absolutely retarded. Get the tackle back but not 6 to go.

    2. If the morons are going to give 7tackles for every kind of kick that goes dead then at the very effing least when it's golden point a) no 7 tackles for muses field goal or b) play out the full 10mind of extra time.

    Only the nrl can have these f'ed moronic rules.
    • Just kick at the ref on the last may be the go.

    • Should just be classed as a dead ball. Scrum and feed to the defending team.

  • Golden point is a joke! Time for golden try
  • Get rid of the no-punch rule. Surely Mick Ennis deserves a punch or two in the head
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