1. Clint Gutherson (c)

2. Maiks Sivo

3. Will Penisini

4. Morgan Harper

5. Bailey Simmonson

6. Ethan Sanders

7. Dylan Brown

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Joey Lussick

10. Junior Paulo

11. Shaun Lane

12. Ryan Matterson

13. J'maine Hopgood



14. Brendan Hands

15. Makahesi Makatoa

16. Joe Ofahengaue

17. Kelma Tuilagi



18. Sean Russell

19. Luca Moretti

20. Daejarn Asi

21. Wiremu Grieg

22. Blaize Talagi


INs: Maika Sivo, Ethan Sanders, Brendan Hands, Makahesi Makatoa

OUTs: Sean Russell, Daejarn Asi, Bryce Cartwright, Blaize Talagi


Referee: Gerard Sutton 

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            • Ah it's all good. He's having a whinge on TCT. Mate I can excuse and ignore certain people on these sites because they are obviously old feeble minded dribblers but sometimes you just have to spell out the obvious. 

              Frank doesn't want the Eels to lose by 80 ! 

              • Hugo you have to forgive the lads from TCT as  Wednesday  is when they have their Brad Arthur appreciation night. 

                They gather round a table which has a assortment of flavoured milk cartons and they discuss their favourite Brad Arthur game plans of the last decade .

                • Ah those boys..you have to admire such total devotion. 

                • Frankie do you think they will have mural with a candle when BA is gone from the club? Perhaps place some flowers at Kellyville while whispering "We appreciate you".

                  Legit BA could be driving and drive onto the pathway hitting and killing one of their kids and their response would be "Well they should have gotten out of the way" Or "The car wasn't made properly, #Makecarssafer"

                  • The old toilets stalkers . The guys that lurk around the toilets at training sessions waiting for players to need a piss , just so they can pretend to take a piss at the trough next to their idols. 

                    I bet they were horrified when they found out about Brett Finch , all that time they were trying to land an interview with one of their ex hero's for a rewind the clock segment , and all along all 40/20 had to do was dress up in his old school uniform. They tried so hard to land him , and it was that simple all along. 

                    last I heard 40/20 was ejected from the leagues club for sneaking a microphone under the toilet cubicle door and trying to interview BA whilst he was doing a poo. 

                    • I had to go over to TCT to see if I was the old dribbler Hugo mentioned as my comments were not supportive of any particular faction, view or site.....so it wasn't me, although in saying that don't let the facts spoil the story. Points being made about the board I have been being making those comments through the orf seezun and even as recent as before the Phins game, belatedly in Fongs opinion, its just that I see more uninformed people on here than on our board. I am on the the same drift as mentioned  by Mutts and Captain who basically have some idea how a business works. Wiz for example is much more interested in everyone's toilet habits and really put into perspective he may be taking the piss, but its still disgusting when he actually mentions a person on TCT.

                      I find it impossible for a circumstance to exist to sack the whole board, the morons on here who think the board members know less about NRL than say Hugo and his sychophant mates to name one are just pissing in the wind. Those nameless board members (nameless to us) have more insight than us and especially compared to the morons. They have general knowledge of the circumstances prevailing as well..... I say probably because no one actually knows unless they are inside the process.

                      The problem is essentially cutting off the head/s of the snake (no pun). Leadership is the problem and the board at present follow them, none of them are assumably in a position to challenge, but they can give a "no confidence vote" to the Chair and his appointed CEO. 

                      If members in general implied such a vote it could be achievable and at least have the leagues club interested as to what is happening in the football club.

                    • You know that 40/20 is not a persons real name , nor does it divulge who said person is off screen , ya Wally. Could you try any harder to find an excuse to be outraged ?   What the difference between mentioning a podcasters alias and talking about any other media outlets reporters actual name , dickhead.   40/20 , Sixties and muppet Tinkerbell another perpetual sook ( my apologies to those who have a different opinion of her , you know who you are 😜, everyone's different and I respect your opinion's, but she did have many of us banned as did the other drongos before they used thus site and our content to launch their Cumberland tossers page  ) , were quite happy slinging shit around here , I'll give you some leeway as you weren't here then , so I'll do whatever the fuck I want . 

                      juat on this topic , anyine who hasn't listened to LBs podcast , get on it. Very much unbiased chat , and funny. Not a bunch of club fanboys sitting around spreading club propaganda. Youre killing it LB by the way , and here you were selling yourself short before you kicked off. 

                      nice chat Ploppa ...

  • I can see this game starting how the previous game did but manly will go on with it 

    On a side note i hope simmonson has learnt how to defend on the right wing. Still scared from the previous times he was there a couple of years ago 

    • Very true, Simonsson's best footy for us has only come on the left side.

  • Keeps Lane in the side and drops Moretti. Lane would be the biggest  bludger in NRL first grade. Another example of this coaches lack of football nous.

This reply was deleted.

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