1. Clint Gutherson (c)

2. Maiks Sivo

3. Will Penisini

4. Morgan Harper

5. Bailey Simmonson

6. Ethan Sanders

7. Dylan Brown

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Joey Lussick

10. Junior Paulo

11. Shaun Lane

12. Ryan Matterson

13. J'maine Hopgood



14. Brendan Hands

15. Makahesi Makatoa

16. Joe Ofahengaue

17. Kelma Tuilagi



18. Sean Russell

19. Luca Moretti

20. Daejarn Asi

21. Wiremu Grieg

22. Blaize Talagi


INs: Maika Sivo, Ethan Sanders, Brendan Hands, Makahesi Makatoa

OUTs: Sean Russell, Daejarn Asi, Bryce Cartwright, Blaize Talagi


Referee: Gerard Sutton 

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      • I agree in the sense of he had to try something, we would all complain if he didn't swing the axe but a few choices look to be desperate throw to the wall and hope it sticks. Makatoa over Greig is an odd one just as the type of Props they are. 

        In terms of the number thing, yes it means stuff all in game time, but i agree it is a bit of a BA stubborn move. But whatever. 

        The bench looks weak but not much to choose from either. Honestly big swing would have been Hands at 9 and MA at 14. Of course he wouldn't do that with pressure on the line but that would have been a big swing. I feel he dropped players but nobody of note to garner that fear say the least. The players know nobody is there to replace them.

        Well let's see if this worse squad can win, it is one of the worst teams we've named all year from the bench alone, no denying, but they could still win.

        • So many players aren't in form either doesn't help our cause.

          The thing that is perplexing is how disjointed they are in attack and defense.In attack when we do move it we aren't getting any penetration from either edge back rower Matto and especially Lane have gone missing senior players who need to step foward have stepped back.

          I fear for Sanders this week seriously he's going to need body guards either side of him with DCE & Olakawatu coming at him.


          • Again, i feel this is a bad game to bring Sanders in, if he was to be named at all it should have been from the start against Wests. I was never a fan of putting him in to start as same with Talagi, i said Asi from day 1. But said Talagi as 2 because of a good debut. But Sanders also in the trial had a poor game mainly from bad plays it showed under bright lights he can crumble fast after mistakes. 

            Hopefully he has become mentally tougher, even though he is leaving in 2025 hopefully he can pick up the win.

          • Yep, Paulo, Gillard, Matto, Lane are playing way below expectations. They are thinking off load before they are wanting to go through the defence.

            Gee we miss Reed, Lussick would not be in the top 10 number 9 in the NRL. For mine ya 9 directs traffic with the pack.  Lussick is slow and indesive, he looks back at his players waiting for instructions, is that BA or him.

            We look and play soft in defence, and woeful in attack. No depth, no under runners, no idear what a fast ply the ball is.

            • They are getting older and slower Graham and if there's no progression plan and it looks like there is none by the failings of our development,  we are looking down a big black hole with very little chance of getting out. Bushie out.

        • LB I think Brad is really starting to feel the pressure and hearing the noise. He as all coaches know our game is result driven and the buck stops with the coach. 

          Ethan has ability and a good kicking game. Brad needs him to bring it to first grade. I would have dropped Lussick and Matto, and asked for more from RCG and Junior.

          Morgan Harper I feel sorry for, his in and out in and out. His confidence and care factor not sure.

          Our next 3 games are against Manly, Storm and Broncos, lose all 3, the board will be questioned big time on Brad's future and some players.

          I feel for BA he has been great for the Eels. But I agree his time is up. There are 3 or 4 players I also believe need to be moved on.

    • Get over it LB, it's a fucking number. It doesn't matter if he plays in 6 or 7, he will still play his natural game as a half, and because he has a decent kick it will give DB the chance to use his running game more often.

      Can't believe so many are wringing and bitching over a number on the players back.

      • Yes mate its just a number and really makes no difference but we call it for what it is...BA making a point. He said that Dylan is the halfback until Moses returns and he's not about to change his damn mind no matter where they play. It's really juvenile. If Sanders is to play half then select him at 7 or maybe we have all got it wrong. Maybe Brown will be feeding the scrums,  guiding  and organising the team and Sanders is the running threat outside him ?  Nothing will surprise me with this genius coach. 

        • So you think BA is juvenile over his numbering. The only juveniles are the ones who can't accept that no matter what number they have will make no difference how they play. Do you think it would make a difference if Reg and Paulo swapped numbers.

          • I'm sure it will all pan out according to the master coaches plan. 

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