Round 19 Team List v Broncos

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. Field

7. Moses

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Matterson

12. Lane

13. N Brown




14. Smith

15. Davey  

16. Evans 

17. Kaufusi




18. Dunster 

19. Utoikamanu 

20. G Jennings 

21. Alvaro


IN: Mahoney

OUT: Stone


Referee: TBA

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    • Burger we miss Nuikore badly. I think we need Nuikore and Alvaro on the bench if we are going to be a chance at all this year.

      • It's funny how everything changes. We go from saying that Alvaro should never play another game for us to now wanting Alvaro to be in our team.

        • Electric Alvaros a Mittagong boy where my family come from won't hear a bad word from me

  • Team list spot on again parra lurker.lets win the next 2 games and belt Penrith I really think we can do it. Cain Evans to have a blinder this is just my opinion 

    • 7929379857?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • Yeah well done again Lurker, you copied and pasted exactly to Shawns liking...

  • Brett Allen - you've been warned.

    This is your final warning, there will not be another. 
    Love, the boys at TCT.

    Hahahaha......Good to see the gestapo is alive and well. Stick to the talking points and always remain positive or else. What happened to allowing free and rational debate?

    Well done Brett - 100% with your posts over there. Bunch of tossers.

    • This will be a hard slog for both sides, i think Eels will win ugly again.

      Jsi, Reed and Moses need to find some form in this game. Jai has played excellent in defence, now is the time for him to back himself and run more.

  • Surprise surprise no changes as the only 1's BA make are the 1's forced through injuries or suspention. Dunster should of atleast been given a go by dropping Sivo, or dropping Wanga moving Fergo to centre and Dunster to wing.

This reply was deleted.

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