1. Blaize Talagi

2. Maika Sivo

3. Will Penisini

4. Sean Russell

5. Bailey Simmonson

6. Daejarn Asi

7. Dylan Brown (c)

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Joey Lussick

10. Junior Paulo (c)

11. Shaun Lane

12. Ryan Matterson

13. J'maine Hopgood



14. Bryce Cartwright

15. Makahesi Makatoa

16. Joe Ofahengaue

17. Kelma Tuilagi



18. Brendan Hands

19. Morgan Harper

20. Ethan Sanders

21. Wiremu Grieg

22. Luca Moretti


INs: None

OUTs: None


Referee: Chris Butler

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  • I remember when Jason Taylor took over as interim coach in the mid 2000's and he blooded heaps of youth like Hayne and Inu. Pretty sure he was coaching second grade that year so he knew how good they were

    Barrett's not gonna blood youth cos it's a gamble. He's playing it safe by sticking with experience. 

    This year is a write off so I'd love to see more youth get a go but doesnt look like it will happen

    • I remember being at the old Parra stadium when he took over. It was against Newcastle. Brian Smith refused to promote Jarryd Hayne and the first thing JT did was promote him to FG. Pretty sure he scored 4 tries that night too. Who knows, might have saved his arse that year if he had promoted Hayne.

      • And Hayne had a poor attitude ever since. Brian Smith didn't hold Hayne back because he didn't think he was a good player, it was because he knew the kid needed to learn a valuable life lesson and mature a bit. Brian smith was a school teacher , he saw Haynes future if he wasn't taught a few lessons in humility. 

        If JT didn't promote him on his natural ability only , who knows what Haynes life may have turned out 20 years down the track.  Straight from Smithy's mouth , " Jarryd Hayne was a young smart arse who turned up late , thought he knew it all , and hadn't had to earn a spot in a team since he picked up a ball " 


        Steelers reunion circa 2015i( ish) 

        • And to this day he's an arrogant fuck wit

        • Seemed pretty clear for a long time that Hindy in particular didn't get along with Jarryd. And I think it's 100% because of the reasons you mention. Reckon they would ha e had some almighty blow ups behind closed doors. Have thought it also a reason Parra had a definite fracture not long after, with players 'siding' with either Hindy or Hayne. Throw in a handful of coaches who couldn't control the spiral and boom, eventually a couple of spoons. 

        • Spot on wiz, it was an easy decision for Taylor to make, he needed to impress and he, like everyone else involved in eels junior league, knew the talent hayne had.

          Smith was trying to make hayne earn something for once.

      • Jt took over v penrith and Hayne made his debut

    • Inu was blooded in 07 under hages 

  • Worse time to play souths at indigenous round, they nearly won last week, now Bennett confirmed, they are going to be hard to beat

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LB replied to Eli Stephens's discussion Should MA be elevated into 14 jersey next few weeks ?
"I did see his passing a tad bit slow, i agree. But luckily he is 19, not the finished product. As for it hurting his development, i do not see how it will if he gets a 10-15min stint in a few games. Now, if Hands went down and he played 60-80mins…"
21 minutes ago
EA replied to Eli Stephens's discussion Should MA be elevated into 14 jersey next few weeks ?
"Would like to see Twiddle get a chance at 6 in cup by the end of the year. Absolutely lethal in attack in flegg. All the points are coming of him. He reminds me of Tedesco so much. Will be hard to get a chance with Sanders, Lynn and Asi normally…"
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Eli Stephens replied to Eli Stephens's discussion Should MA be elevated into 14 jersey next few weeks ?
"Hopefully Doorey is elevated next week into the 11 jumper. Carty on the other edge and keep lane in the middle off bench. "
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Yehez replied to Eli Stephens's discussion Should MA be elevated into 14 jersey next few weeks ?
"I am hoping the bye brings about some changes from the NSW cup.
Doorey, Arthur, Guymer shoud feature without a doubt IMO. 
By end of season I really hope 2 of them are starters in the 17 long term. Maybe even the likes of Tuivati accelerated. "
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