Reed Mahoney will play Round 3

Just watched an interview with BA and he said Reed will be ready for Round 3.

Not sure if he's just playing mind games with the Broncs but hopefully it's true.

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  • Goody goody gumdrops . It feels like the  song " 12 days to Xmas " . I will start counting down  lol 

  • I thought the same thing Fui. I heard a few days ago that Mahoney wont be ready and now BA is saying he will be. If he is then I would be worried about his fitness. He wont be 80min ready so do we go with Stoney on the bench or the switch with Gutho filling in during the middle of the game. Also who replaces Browny? I hope its not Terepo.

    • Why wouldn't you go with's as close as you can get if your after straight swap with little change.

      • Terepo is not a ball playing forward and in not like Brown at all, Gower would be the closest to Brown skill wise. I think Niukore starts with Gower on the bench.

        • Actually even though I agree his hands let him down sometimes Terepo does have the ability to play as a ball playing forward and before Brown came to the club often played that middle link role. It's quite strange actually Terepo seems to have quite good skills with his pass before the line but has really got a simple fumble in him. 

          • I can't recall Terepo being a ball player, my apologies to Mack if this is the case.

            • I noticed his handling improved when he actually looked to use the ball. 

        • You don't remember the pass Peni put on for Hayne a few years ago v South's that lead to try? Peni can ball play but I like the impact he brings from the bench. 

      • Cant fault his effort however he has terrible hands. Often when coming off our own line. And as much as he runs hard I dont think he bends the line that much

      • BA has a few options Mack, the 6 to go rule change and 1 ref may force coaches to have more mobile and skillful forward packs. Given Taka is taking a bench spot for no reason I would not have him on the bench. 8. Jr Paulo.9. REED. 10. RCG. 11. LANE 12. Marata 13. Matterson 14. Field 15. Stone 16. Evans 17. Peni. The 2 concerns with Peni are his hands and defense at the ruck a smart hooker would target him. I would be tempted to use Brown as middle forward off the bench after the suspension. 

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