• So other blogs with lots interaction are closed for who the hell knows what reason and shit like this is left up. 
    ????????????????????????? so many questions 🙋‍♂️ 

    • Site is rapidly being overtaken by trolls and farktards!

    • Why was the only good blog to read on here, with any traffic at all, the covid vaccine blog shut dowm?

      Its so typical, just ridiculous, cant even talk about the biggest topic in the world on here and its the off season.


      • I am a sucker for these types of blogs. I like to believe people when they say something . Maybe too trusting. I don,t understand why we have to spend all this time wondering if it is true when the author knows that it is not true. .Fandango what do you get out of it if you know it's not true..?  If its not true just own up to it and we can have a haha and all move on.

        • This reply was deleted.
          • Slugg my wife and I have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride today reliving some memories from those days We were told that one of my wife's friends from primary school passed away and was having an online funeral today which we both watched online.. We both knew the person and we  haven,t seen her in about 50 years or so..She had a really tough life but a wonderful attitude to life in her youth.. It was sad but good for both of us to witness her ending after such a long time. It brought my wife and me so much closer to each other. That song. brought back some nice memories of our uncomplicated youth in a great era for our generation. Thanks

        • Tad you are a good guy. Now wake up to the fact that there is sadly a wider world of frakwits and grubs out there who seriously need to be buried for the greater good.

          • The funniest part EE, is that  the folks who need burying are convinced that they would win any conflagration

    • Totally agree My Bob!

      We get a political blog or a blog about social issues that gets heaps of traction - and it gets taken down because, presumably, it's popular and isn't about Parra.

      Yet this horseshit is allowed to prolifierate!

      One of the reasons why I'm spending less and less time on this forum.

  • Fergo was good at backflips, Reed not so much, his legs are too short. 

  • Gee, I hope not. I was excited the cauliflower eared money grubbing ungrateful average number 9 was leaving to turn into Dogshit at the Bulldogs just to throw mud on the face of Gus Tool and Bent Barrett

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